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Review: Original Sprout

Dumpling and I both have long wavy hair. Hers, in fact, goes way past her waist; we've trimmed her hair 7 times so far (yes, I am counting!) but her hair grows out pretty fast. So looking for a good range of hair and body care products is especially important to us.

I received a set of hair and body care products from Original Sprout (which includes the Natural Shampoo, Hair & Body Baby Wash, Miracle Detangler and Deep Conditioner) and put them to test over a month.

:: About Original Sprout
Original Sprout is a California based family brand and is founded by Inga Tritt, a master stylist. It has set foot in Singapore with its top five products. With a large following by Hollywood celebrity moms, this eco-friendly range of products promotes an environmentally-friendly lifestyle with the utilization of ingredients that are:

· Free from synthetic hormone disruptor
· Free from oestrogen disrupting ingredients
· Free from Sulphate
· Paraben-free
· Does not use Lavender and Tea Tree Oils, Phthalates, Clove or Musk
· 100% vegan; No Soy, Gluten, Honey, Peanut or Dairy
· Parfum with natural extracts
· Environmentally responsible; bio-degradable
· Eco-friendly and not tested on animals

:: Scent
If you are a person who is very sensitive to strong scents, I'd say this range may be for you. Though Dumpling likes fruity scents but personally, I have an issue with my hair smelling like a crate of mangoes. For all the 4 products (as above) that I have tried, I find none of the scents over-powering. Instead, it has a nice and clean finish to it. I especially like the light crisp scent of the Miracle Detangler but more on that product later.

:: Ease of Use
Both the Shampoo and the Hair and Body Baby Wash have pump dispensers that dispense easily and the amount dispensed is generous which works for me due to our hair length. The miracle detangler uses a 'spray release' dispenser and I really like the nozzle used for this. I have used many other products where the nozzle is too fine and I need to give the product many pumps before I can get the amount that I need. But with this detangler, I have no such issues.

:: Cleansing Power
Dumpling and I have different 'cleansing' needs when it comes to shampoos. For her, I like mild shampoos while for me, I have a very sensitive scalp which itches if the shampoo is not suitable. The irony is some anti dandruff actually makes my scalp itch too. When I used the Natural Shampoo, to my pleasant surprise, I have no such issues. However, this shampoo lathers very lightly so it will not be suitable for those who likes tons of foam as they shampoo. If you prefer for a shampoo that lathers more, the Hair and Body Babywash could be an alternative. I have also tried this as a body wash and I like the slight silky feeling even after rinsing; my skin does not feel like its natural oil has been stripped off.

Because I have wavy hair, I use some styling products regularly. When I wash my hair with the Natural Shampoo, I found it a tad mild in removing the styling products totally. So this shampoo will be great for those of you who sport a "wash-and-wear" hairstyle without the usage of any styling product.

:: Favorite Product in the Range

For me, it is a tie between the Miracle Detangler and the Hair and Body Babywash. The Miracle Detangler works like a dream as I rub it into our hair. Light and easily absorbed with no greasy after feel, this is one product which I will definitely be using loads of.

As for the Hair and Body Babywash, I like that the skin is smooth and soft without the 'drying' feel. A quick look at the bottle and I see why: it has a gentle pH for Skin & Hair of 6.0 - 7.0!

:: Price Point
Eco-friendly products are known to be costly especially in Singapore where everything is imported. So I was pleasantly surprised to know that the price point is pretty friendly on the pockets - in fact, it may cost less than some salon brands! Check out the price range below:

  • Natural Shampoo 354ml – SGD$25
  • Deep Conditioner 118ml – SGD$16.90
  • Miracle Detangler 118ml, SGD$16.90
  • Hair & Body Babywash 354ml, SGD$25.00 (Also available in 975ml which retails at SGD$59.00)
Interested to try them out? Original Sprout is available at 48 selected Watsons outlets island wide. For 
more information, visit

Disclosure: I received a set of Original Sprout products to review in order to share my experience of us using the products. No monetary compensation was received. All views (and hair!) are 100% ours. 

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