Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Book Talk Tuesday + A Giveaway ~ Why Mosquitoes Buzz in People's Ears

An African folklore which is also a Caldecott Medal winner, 'Why Mosquitoes Buzz in People's Ears' tells of how the mosquito came about, well, to buzz in people's ears. 

:: The Story
The story starts from a mosquito who loves to tell lies and annoyed the iguana so much that he stuck sticks into his ears to avoid listening any further to the mosquito. This in turn sets off a chain of events where the iguana annoyed the snake, who frightened the rabbit, who startled the crow, who alarmed the monkey, who killed an owlet and saddened the Mother Owl who would not wake up the sun! 

It is an interesting title to read with, and to a child to understand 'cause and effect' as well as the value of being truthful. The story also sports an easy rhythm with the sequence of event being repeated a few times while the Lion King called for a meeting to investigate how this all, came about. 

:: The Illustration
While I am certainly no expert in African Art, I have to say that the illustrations in this book is simply beautiful. The illustrator uses a simple yet bold style of colour blocks and lines to create the various scenes and animals. Just look at how pretty they are!  

While most of the scenes are in the day and set against a while background, when Mother Owl won't wake the sun up, the drawings were then painted against a black background to depict the night.

A Caldecott medal winner for the best illustrated book for children in 1976, this simple yet wonderful title is great whether it is to discuss a certain moral or to introduce to your children African drawings / Art. 

Author: Verna Aardema
Illustrators: Leo Dillon and Diane Dillon
Age: For 5YO and Up

I have one copy of this title to giveaway! 

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  1. It would make a great birthday present for me two-going-on-three boy!

  2. It looks interesting, a good book to encourage my little one to read.


  3. hi,

    hope to win the book for my 3 kids :)thanks so much for hosting the giveaway

  4. A book a day keeps the doc away! I like to win another dose of vitamin for the kids.

    Shirley Yong

  5. Wanna build a library of books for.my.kids...my resolution for 2014

  6. Woo, I wld like to teach cause & effect using this book!

  7. This book is so interesting and I love the colourful illustrations in the book. I also wish to build up my child's library.


  8. The moral behind the story is worth reading to my kids!
    Ker Min

  9. Getting my boy to do batik painting and the illustrative style in this book resembles that! So hope to win it for him as encouragement!

    Robert Sim, Robert_sim@yahoo.com


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