Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Playtime - Our Year End Holiday Plans!

For this Year-end holidays, what are some of your activities? Goodness, I did not realize that I promised Dumpling that we will be heading out to so many places and do so many activities. So I am gonna write them all down so that I can remember them and hopefully it gives you some ideas too.

:: 1. Legoland
Unlike many of my friends who have been there, we have yet to visit this place. I have heard so many things about this park and with the addition of its water park – 20 thrilling slides and more than 70 lego models, how can anyone resist?

Edit: (update as of 25 Nov) We visited Legoland and had a ball of a time! Here's sharing 8 useful survival tips

As Dumpling has been learning a musical instrument for the past year, she is pretty keen on this performance. Frankly the Baby Prom did not do much for us when we caught it 2 years back. Rather, she enjoyed the SSO’s Concerts for Children tremendously.

Here’s an excerpt on Carnival of Animals:
Discover the marvellous universe of the Carnival of the Animals by Camille Saint-Saëns with Octave and Mandoline, as they guide you through a magical world where lions, kangaroos, turtles and other animals come to life through the use of small and large marionettes, each more surprising than the other.

Source: Sistic

Edit: Here's sharing on our experience at the Carnival of Animals!

:: 3. Chinese Speech & Drama
I have also signed Dumpling up for a Chinese Speech and Drama Programme conducted by Apple Pie. Dumpling had good experiences with its previous programme on Alice in Various Lands as well as Little Red Riding Hood. This time round, the play is on Snow White. Dumpling is pretty excited about this and I am too, looking at the old poster! 

Source: Apple Pie Website

The latest Disney movie to hit our shores, Frozen tells the tale of Anna (voice of Kristen Bell) teaming up with a rugged mountain man Kristoff (voice of Jonathan Groff) in a quest to find her sister, Elsa (voice of GLEE star Idina Menzel), who has trapped the Kingdom of Arendelle in eternal winter. Dumpling and I will be going on a movie date with her friends (and my mummy friends!) (Source)

Here’s a look at the official trailer:

Money-saving tip: Catch it on a weekday where some of our local theatres run promotions where your preschooler (age 6 and below) watches for free!

I have not been to any Disney Live shows before and I am definitely looking forward to this one. Here’s some details from the website:

6 November - 1 December 2013, MasterCard Theatres - Sands Theatre
Abracadabra! It's Disney Live! presents Mickey's Magic Show! Mickey, Minnie and a host of Disney friends come together with world-class magicians to perform magic from legendary Disney films right before your eyes. For more information, here’s the sistic link

Source: Marina Bay Sands Website

Pointillism is one of the styles Van Gogh used in his self portrait which adds texture and depth to a painting and Dumpling has requested to be enrolled for Heart Studio's Holiday Pointillism camp! This is for the Young Masters Class and is a 3-day Camp. 

For more information, view their schedule here!  

Update: Here's a post on the Pointillism Camp which Dumpling attended to share! 

I love that these tours and workshops are specially customized and brought down to the level of the little ones and I love that Dumpling has a chance at some outdoor activity. Here’s the link to find out more ‘Sara at The Children’s Garden’ and the link to learn more about Dragonflies.

Source: Jacob Ballas Website

Update: Here's sharing on what went on in "The Birthday Party: Sara at the Children's Garden".

:: 8. Movies under the Stars
I was just invited to attend this with a GF and just because I have not done something like that before with the kiddo and also because the movie is Wall E! :)

I hope to be blogging about these activities and adding onto this list! What have you planned for your kiddos?!? 

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