Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Heart Studio Holiday Programme GIVEAWAY!

Dumpling has been attending Art lessons at Heart Studio regularly even after the review sponsorship last year. She truly enjoys her class where she will excitedly fill me in weekly after her lessons on what they did and learnt in class. 

I have been asked by friends why I find Art important and why this is an area which I would send Dumpling for classes. To a certain degree, I would say that this would be largely based on personal preferences and a child's interest but I find that it aids the child in focus and allows her to express her feelings/thoughts in a different medium. 

Through the usual of colors, I can tell Dumpling's moods and I like that it hones her fine motor skills too where I can see her penmanship improving. 

I recently flipped through her portfolio and could see how in a span of less than a year, her strokes / outline are more defined and she is now also able to break out an item into a shape and construct an outline from there. 

She has on several occasions shared with me at home on what she learnt from Heart Studio and could 'apply' it though she is not in class. Here's a drawing of her owl after her swimming class. Not bad huh? :)

:: Young Masters Holiday Programme!
Now, for the exciting news! For this year end holiday period, I am pleased to share a giveaway of 2 passes (1 on Peacock Painting and 1 on Landscape) to Heart Studio's Young Masters Holiday Programme (for 5-6YO)! Holiday Programmes are a great way for your child to trial the class, meet the teachers as well as for us parents to gauge if the children enjoyed themselves! 

Both classes will open a window of experience for the student to try out canvas painting to the many different interesting subject matters that have been chosen for the class. It will allow the child to understand the technique of painting and exploration of the colors. This will enable the child to express their creativity and interpretation through their own brush strokes and choice of colors.

Here's how to win!

Earn credits using Rafflecopter below by:

1) Clicking 'Like' on Heart Studio's Facebook page and my Blog Facebook page
2) Leaving a comment on the comment section on "Why is Art important for children?"
3) Sharing this post with your friends on your FB page! 
(For Singapore residents only)

The more credits you earn, the higher your chances! :)

Terms and Conditions:
- Entries that do not fulfill the requirements stated will be disqualified without notice.
- The child has to be 5 years and above, based on the month and year of birth.
- No repeat winners are allowed.
- Winners will be notified by email, through the email address provided.
- Winners must confirm by reply email or phone call, within three days. Otherwise, a new winner will be picked.
- No changing of date or time is allowed. (Dates and time are stated above)
- This giveaway is open to Singapore residents only.

Winnie: you have won for yourself the pass to Peacock Painting while Cat, you have won the pass to Landscape Art! I will be emailing you both soon!

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Dumpling has finished a term of her session at Little Dali. Here's Part 1Part 2 and Part 3 of our review. 
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  1. Art provides opportunities for self-expression, develops their focus and observation skills and enhances their appreciation for the beauty in our everyday life!

  2. Art enhances children's imagination, creativity AND concentration!

  3. Allows free expression of one's thought and creativity.

  4. Art provides u the space to imgaine n create

  5. It allows my boy to imagine and draw freely without any restrictions :)


  6. Art helps in creativity and helps one to look and solve problems with a different approach.


  7. Art allows children to explore and express themselves and learn to appreciate the beauty of their everyday world. And in the words of my 5-year old, Art is important cos "I like it!"

    Lynn Soh

  8. Art trains one's attention span and focus, and allows the individual to make decisions in achieving the end results.
    Ker Min

  9. Art for children in important to me to understand the subconscious mind of a child. Also to help my son in expressing himself when words could not. It seems, art is good for IQ too =).

  10. Art allows my girl to express her thoughts and ideas, and unleashes her imagination on a variety of medium.


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