Monday, September 16, 2013

A Chinese Speech and Drama Holiday Programme - 新小红帽! (Little Red Riding Hood)

Dumpling had a wonderful experience in a March holiday programme which was put together specially for a Homelearning Group for Preschoolers which I belong to, organised by Apple Pie Language Centre. It was a Chinese Speech and Drama programme which spanned over 5 days. In March, the production was on Alice In Variousland, a tweak from the classic Alice in Wonderland. For September, the group was very blessed to have been able to proceed with another workshop and, the production this time round is a tweaked version of The Little Red Riding Hood.

There has also been so much focus lately in the news, on the importance of Bilingualism and I, for one, am thankful that I started exposing Dumpling to Chinese since young. She has been attending Chinese classes while I homeschool the rest every evening. It is also for this reason that Dumpling has gone for only Mandarin workshops and activities over this past year, during the school holiday period.

I personally believe the language to be a beautiful one and while there is a certainly element of rote involved, there are also fun and exciting ways for the kiddos to learn it. Speech and Drama is definitely one of them. 

Taking into consideration that the children have been working on the play for only 5 days where the daily sessions are also peppered with activities such as crafts, etc., the children did remarkably well. :) Here's a peek on the performance day (play  lasted a tad over 10 mins)!

The backdrop

Prior to Day 1, I had prepped and explained to Dumpling that it does not matter which role she took on as long as she has fun. When I saw her that evening, she was very excited to share with me that she was going to be Little Red Riding Hood. Frankly, I suspect that she was just excited that she got to be all dolled up. LOL

Little Ms. Dumpling being cast as Little Red Riding Hood and looked to be totally enjoying the performance

The costumes were lovely and as the children entered into the performance area slowly, "Ooos" and "Ahs" can be heard from the ever supportive parents seated amongst the audience. 

 Now, I did mention that the story was tweaked right? Here, 3 little pigs make a performance! Aren't these "piggies" adorable? :D

Now, what about the Wolf? Isn't he convincing? 

I personally thought that he was great and delivered his lines convincingly too! From a chat with his mummy, I understood that Wolf-boy has never been keen in the language but after Day 1 of the workshop, he was already sharing with his family on the play and how much he enjoyed himself.

Finale song

Dumpling also made a new friend at the workshop - fellow mummy blogger Felicia's Princess. The girls look simply adorable. :)

Besides the food craft which Dumpling and I share in the evening daily, Dumpling really loves the storybox which the children made over the 5 days too! I thought that it was very creative and cute too!  

And of course, a last "photo opp" with Mama before she changed out of her costume. :) 

Based on the parents' feedback, it seems that the kiddos enjoyed themselves tremendously. I have had requests to organise another round in December so hopefully we are able to have a go at a Chinese programme again. :) 

For parents who are keen to find out more about Apple Pie Language Centre, here's their website. If you should wish to participate in the December workshop, do drop me an email -> beanienus{at} so that I can inform you if we are able to proceed with the next production. :) 

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  1. Another wonderful drama camp by the Apple Pie team and that's a lovely storybox the kids made! :)

    1. Yes it was! Dumpling is still using her storybox for show and tell. LOL


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