Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Wordful Wednesday - the dull ache in the heart

Long before I became a mum to Dumpling, I became one to 2 lovely lovely dogs. They are as different as day and night in appearances and personalities - one is very independent while the other is a lap dog. Both have one thing in common - their lovely temperament. They have never once snapped / bitten us and despite our initial worries about them being jealous of Dumpling when she was born, all 3 girls bonded beautifully.

For non animal lovers, I guess they are not really able to understand the affection dog owners have towards these companions. Long before Dumpling was born, the 2 girls were already with me. They have seen me through days when I was when I was direly unwell and through nights when I was up from kicks in the tummy, compliments of Dumpling. They comforted me through tears of heart ache, sat silently through the nights watching me as I pace along, alone, in the silence of the night, battling Post Natal Depression and during rows with the hubs.

These companions do not judge and do not have many demands. They do not care if I am a high flier or not, and they certainly do not judge if I lose it once in a while yelling at Dumpling. All that they require is just some of my time and perhaps a good scratch behind their ears. Such is that unwavering loyalty and that unconditional love.

On this night as I am typing this, I have been rubbing my chest, unconsciously, the whole day, trying to ease off a dull ache.

Goldie busted her ligament among other things a few days back. Having reared dogs for more than 20 years, training, experience and instincts told me her gait is not quite right and the creaky sound emitting near her knees do not sound good.

True enough, her injury was serious to warrant a surgery. A surgery that took a pretty long time. When I picked her up from the vet, she was shaking, could hardly move and was just so bone weary that she could barely keep her eyes open. I felt as if a part of my heart was being chiseled off. Still, she did not growl at me. Instead, once she was in my arms when we got home, she buried her nose in my chest (as if she felt the ache and was trying to ease it) and she gave in to fatigue.

Such is the trust, love and loyalty of my wonderful Goldie. I could not have asked for a better companion.


  1. aiyoh. poor goldie *patpat*
    hope she feels better soon

  2. Oh dear, that stitch! Poor Goldie...I am also a dog lover and I agree with every description of them being the loyal best friend without asking for anything in return. Dana and I will be praying for Goldie everyday till she recovers and able to regain her strength to walk again...you take care too.

    1. Thanks Angie. I guess having an op at this stage is also hard for them too since they are older and would take longer to heal. Pls continue to pray for us!

  3. You fail to mention accompanying you sitting in the toilet while u cough ur heart out :D

    Don't worry, she'll soon be ok. Lotsa TLC for her n she'll recover fast.

    1. Oh yes! She is the ever so loyal one - seated outside and looked on patiently but with worry and sympathy in those eyes of hers.


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