Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Giveaway! The Enormous Turnip by iTheatre!

Dumpling is a great great fan of performing Arts. She loves the songs, dances and the story line and we have basically been to more than 20 theatrical productions over a span of 2 odd years. 

iTheatre is a non-profit organisation and is one of the production houses Dumpling and I look out for. The most recent production we watched is The Little Red Hen which we enjoyed tremendously. This May and June, iTheatre is once again running ACE! Festival. 

ACE! Festival was conceived with the aim of celebrating, promoting, inspiring and stimulating creativity and artistry in families and children aged 3 to 14, presenting a positive and top quality total arts experience using Singapore’s finest talents and the best from the region and the rest of the world.

iTheatre will be showcasing 2 brand new “World Premiere” productions – The Enormous Turnip, and The Magic Porridge Pot.

Beanie N Us is pleased to announce a giveaway of 2 sets of 4 tickets to The Enormous Turnip worth $248!

:: Synopsis
This is the story of a tiny mouse – and an enormous turnip.
Little Eek the Mouse’s dream is to be noticed. But Eek is SO small.
Diggory the Gardener’s dream is to win a prize – any prize for his vegetables.
And then – in his garden, a turnip grows – and grows – and grows!What will he do with it? And who is strong enough to pull this Enormous Turnip out of the ground?
A fast paced, colourful, interactive play, carefully designed for the younger audience, with cute characters, fun and memorable songs, and a clear moral message for everyone.

Date: 1 June 2013 (Saturday)
Time: 2pm
Duration: Performances 55 minutes including meet and greet
Most suitable for: 3 - 14YO and familes
Venue: Alliance Francaise Theatre, Sarkies Road
CreativesWritten and Directed by Brian Seward,
Music composed and arranged by Julian Wong

:: To enter:
3) Leave a comment below and share why you should win these tickets (Do share this giveaway for an additional chance to win the tickets ~ please mention that you have shared the announcement in the comment)
4) Please provide your Name + your Email Address for us to contact you! 
Contest closes at 2359 on 26 April 2013. 
** Note: Winners will be chosen randomly.
**  Tickets are to be collected directly from iTheatre office @ 27 Kerbau Road. Tickets are not exchangeable for cash or for other dates. As the play takes place in Singapore, this giveaway is opened only to Singapore Residents. 


  1. I should win them because I haven't bought the tickets yet and this will save me the Moolah!

  2. Oh, little me should win the tickets because as little as we are in our little lives, we should be given the opportunity to see the big big world out there. A big world that we may not be able to afford with money but perhaps will get to see with our big hearts. And right now, our big act have shared the post =).

    Yong Xin

  3. Pamela

  4. My girl fav chinese song ... bá luóbo, bá luóbo, āiyā āiyā, bá bù dòng.
    So she and her big bro should win the tickets :)
    Mona - monyetnakal@hotmail.com

  5. This is one of the fav. Story of my gal , she is able to retell the story to her little brother.

    Phyllis- phytay@gmail.com

  6. I should win cause we don't get to win anything in these types of giveaways. Plus, we love the enormous turnip.

    Joanne - annetan84@yahoo.com

  7. Hi, Chuyan here.
    This is a famous story and my kids know it since very young. They love the story and the cute characters.
    Its a rare chance for the kids (even us) to attend any theatre event, therefore hope to win it. Thanks :)

  8. The Enormous Turnip is one of my daughter's favourite story.

    Michele; michelekp@gmail.con

  9. Hi it would be wonderful to watch this with my daughter. We have yet to attend such theatreally event b4.
    Lyn teo

  10. My daughters would love to watch this production. They love singing the song in mandarin too and its not even our mother tongue! It will be a real treat for us. Please choose us - Vanessa D J honeybunch2810@hotmail.com

  11. Hope to win the tix cos hubby is complaining i bring the kids to theatrical productions too much and requested me to cut down abit. :(

    Shared this announcement on my fb too. Thanks! :)

    Shirley Yong

  12. My sons love theatrical productions and this story about the enormous turnip. Hope to win the tickets!
    Liked n shared on Facebook.

    Snow Snoopy

  13. My family totally enjoyed iTheatre's Little Red Hen. Amazing production & nice friendly cast!
    Hope to be able to watch another iTheatre's production & enjoy the light moments with the family again.
    Also another favourite book of Baby Jay.

    Li Peng

  14. We have a special drama mama in the house so hope to expose the kiddos more to theatrical environment so that they can be as drama as their mama!


  15. I wanna win tix to Enormous Turnip because I wanna make an Enormous Popiah.

  16. Im winning this for sure cox i think its time to support this non profit org.


  17. Hope to win these tickets for my family. I Theatre's productions are good and we must support local productions!


  18. Since 2 years ago, Dana has come home from her preschool singing the chinese nursery rhyme 'Ba Luo Bo' and we (Daddy and I) would join in to role play as she sings. We had such great memories of the song...It would be perfect if we can win tickets to bring her to watch the drama too. :)


  19. My son is always mesmerized by any play! And always have a great time there! He will talk about it for months! Somehow, the setting, the characters, the story line have such a strong impact on him. Would love to catch that play!


  20. Because my boy enjoys plays! And watching plays is both educational and highly enjoyable for us parents too!! :)

    Evelyn Lim

  21. Oh shared on my fb too :)
    Evelyn Lim

  22. My son loves the story, the enormous turnip! I'm sure he will like the show too.


  23. We haven't been to any play this year as he just started P1 and I wasn't sure of his schedule so did not buy any tickets (which you know have to buy many months in advance). This will be his first play for this year should we win this! Pls! Make him jump up & down in joy and he will be very grateful to you :D

    Shared this giveaway too!

    Jennifer Lim

  24. I would love to give my active boy a chance to experience theatre play and let him learn to sit down and appreciate a play. He was exposed to this story since young and loves to sing the song in Chinese.

    Phyllis --- sillyphy13@gmail.com

  25. My daughter just learnt to read this book all by herself! So this would be a treat for her. :)

    1. Oops! Left out my email, here goes: princessandtherock@gmail.com

    2. Shared on Facebook and Twitter!

  26. My little girl would love to go for this! Thanks for the giveaway!
    Liked and shared!
    Angeline Ng annnsh@gmail.com

  27. I would love to win these tickets because it's one of my daughter's favorite storybook and it will be so fun to watch them not just read about them!
    Shared on twitter & Facebook :)

  28. My boy has been reading this storybook since he was 3yo. Now at 5yo, it will be great if he has a chance to watch the show. Thanks!

    Shared in Facebook. :)


  29. Perfect outing for my youngest 8yo to the oldest, 14 yo- and you don't get such versatile shows all that often!

    Tweeted, shared on G+ & FB

  30. Twinkle Twins did a thematic study at school last year. Hope to win this as they hardly attends theatre plays and they luv singing to the tune of " ba luo bo"


  31. My 4 year old son really enjoys attending theatre productions - it is a great way to bring books to life. Hope we win the tickets. :-)


  32. The last play we went to my gals bawled when the giant from jack and the beanstalk made his appearance. Perhaps the enormous turnip would be an appropriate play to try to re-introduce plays to them! Hope to be the lucky one!

    pm_babe; pm_sgbrides@yahoo.com.sg

  33. I love the story of teamwork and the fact that it touches on dreams too. I would love to win tickets to the show so I can inspire my kids to keep dreaming and to remember that the best dreams are achieved as a team.

    p/s can you message me on facebook if i win :) thanks!

  34. I should win as I won't have as much chance to bond with my elder child once I'm back to work!

    Cress Wee

    Shared on Facebook

  35. love the songs and great story of teamwork in getting things done.


    shared on FB


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