Friday, December 6, 2013

Pointillism at Heart Studio

Time has truly flown by for us this year. Between work and homeschooling and balancing this blog in between, I did not even realise that Dumpling has been attending lessons at Heart Studio for almost a year now. From working with Chinese ink

 to clay work, the exposure to the different themes and mediums have been nothing short of being amazing.

Dumpling really loves craft and painting since young (which explains for the mess at home) where she'd cut up materials and piece them together while painting over them etc.

For this Holiday period, Dumpling showed a lot of interest in a 3-day camp on Pointillism. Pointillism is a different technique of painting where the image is made by 'dotting' on the paint. She thought that it was interesting and wanted to try it out since this is a new thing for her. For me, I was intrigued as to how the school is able to teach that in just 3 days!

So I thought to share on what goes on over the 3-day camp. :)

As per their usual practice, the week's theme / samples are all prepared and propped up at the white board before the start of the class. Even after all these time, I am still amazed at how the team at Heart Studio is able to simplify the project, explain the approach and break it down to a level where the kiddos are able to comprehend.

See how the outline and composition are demonstrated below?

:: Day 1:
The kiddo's attempt on the outline of her fruits and composition before working on the background colours. The children had a choice on the various key colours and for each colour, several hues are then prepared by the teachers. The children are then taught how to dot and spread out the color to achieve the slightly textured look. This makes the painting look less 'flat'.

:: Day 2:
Day 2 was spent on coloring the fruits and this was also done using the pointillism technique. As always, the children have a choice of the elements (in this case, the fruits). Dumpling was actually very excited that morning as I dropped her off, telling me that she was looking forward to coloring the fruits. I was pretty impressed with her enthusiasm actually.

Day 3:
Day 3 was then spent on the final details - adding of highlights, the 'strawberry seeds', stems as well as the shadow. Even the highlights were added on using the same technique. I personally felt that it was hard work 'cos it requires very fine motor skills, focus as well as tons patience. This is what I really like about Art - besides allowing the child to have his / her own interpretation, to be, it teaches the child (and many a time, us parents too!) that the process is just as important! It is through the process where the child picks up many other traits and personally, I like that it is a form of therapy for the kiddo because it gives her an additional avenue to express herself.

Over the past few months, I actually feel that Dumpling has matured and grown to have this steel of perseverance in her and looking back, I am sure that the Art sessions have helped to inculcate that along with her music classes.

Just look at how focused and serious she was! I was told by Teacher Elma that she has never once complained but just continued to finish up her piece! Well done Baby!

And, here's her final art piece! What do you think?

Here's a photo of the various students and their works! :) Look how pleased they all are! 

If you are still keen to find out more on their Holiday Programme, here's their details:

Heart Studio LLP
101 Soo Chow Walk Singapore 575385
Tel: (65) 6554 7563
Fax: (65) 6554 7562
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