Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Book Talk Tuesday: Han Yu Pin Yin Journey - 我们的汉语拼音旅程

Han Yu Pin Yin (HYPY) is not something that I have done at all with Dumpling for the past years. As she attends Chinese classes so I pretty much leave it to the school to teach her that and in our HS sessions, my focus is more on reading, word recognition and building up of vocabulary. It is only last week that I started to revise with her on this. 

I only have 1 HYPY resource and it is this 'book' which I bought more than a year ago! After using it twice, I have to say that I like it and find it useful. It has a hardcover which allows it to stand up like an A-stand and works like a mini flip chart. 

Here's why I find this a good buy:

:: Well organised
The very first page of this book has a pull out flap which basically is a summary of all the 声母 and 韵母combinations. This works for me as I like that from a parental standpoint, without having to go to the flap, I can see the various combinations / blends! 

:: Hot Tips
Thereafter, there are pages of how the various combinations should written - when do we use the accent dots (such as nǚ) and when it is not needed. I don't know what about you but Hot Tips like these are definitely useful for me as I have basically "returned" these back to the teachers years ago!  

:: Easy blending with "Flip the Cards" design
With the 声母 and 韵母 printed on separate pieces, it allows the child to have a visual aid as to how the sounds can be 'blended' or formed. In addition, all the 声母 and 韵母 are color coded for easy reference too.

:: Clear examples
Above every 声母 and 韵母 card, there are examples of how the words presented in a pictorial format too) are being used. I wish that they have more of these but I also understand that the book, being only an A5 (in size), would not be able to incorporate many of such examples. So what Dumpling and I do is to talk about it and have a quiz as to how many such words we can come up with.

:: Pronunciation Tips
Towards the end of the cards, there are even tips on how to produce some of the sounds! How's that for a lesson for the parents too? :p

:: Rhymes practice
The last pages of the 'left' cards also feature some simple rhymes which are meant for the children to have a go at practising the HYPY. These would be great for children who have not yet developed a sensitivity towards the pronunciation of words like 说 (是 S 还是 Sh 呢?) , 车, etc. 

What other HYPY resources do you use at home? I would love to know your recommendations too! 

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  1. I like this! Thanks for sharing! Where did you get this?

    1. Hi Mommykim, I got this from one of those cart thing at NTUC a year plus back! I am not sure of Popular sells it. The ISBN number is 9789 675 114182 if you need it. Hope that helps!

  2. Hi just to share that I bought this flip book about a year ago but never read it myself (just pass it to my elder girl) until this morning after reading your post!
    Guess what? I was feeling frustrated trying to teach my son his first P1 听写 in HYPY last night. He got confused between 'yu' and the 'u' with two dots on top. Me too, don't know how to explain that but could only ask him to memorized by heart but he just could remember. Hence I had been praying for wisdom to teach him on this and somehow this morning I chanced upon your this post while checking thru some blog feeds! After going thru that flip book my doubts are now cleared! Thank God for your helpful post :)


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