Wednesday, December 11, 2013

A Morning 'Party' - The Birthday Party: Sara at The Children's Garden

After signing up for 3 garden walks / workshops, I was worried about the rainy days that we have been having in December. With God's grace, we managed to head for the first one over the weekend. The tour is centered around a story on Sara, a dinosaur who forgot about getting a present for her brother's birthday. Hence the day started for us with a short stop at the classrooms where 'Uncle Loo' (whom we met at one of the earlier pond tours previously) read a few pages from the workbook to give the children some background as to what will take place in the garden walk.

The children were then brought outdoors for the walk where we come across some cotton plants, rice plants as well as peanuts! I like that Uncle Loo also took the opportunity to turn over logs and discussed the various insects as well as touched a bit on habitats. 

And look who popped over to say Hi to me! :)

I personally think that the Jacob Ballas Children's Garden is a fabulous place to bring the kiddos to! Check out the variety of trees, plants, spices and herbs we saw!

From  Lemon Scented Mrytle to Ginger (which the children saw how it grown in the soil and propagated)

To coconut trees and its by products

To having a first-hand experience at smelling Fish Wort! Have you tried smelling it before? I can assure you that you are not likely to forget its scent or how its name came about. :p

Uncle Loo also turned over some logs and dug up some worms and millipede (very gently of course) where the kids discussed what they saw. Dumpling is not iffy about worms and touched them and was on the receiving end of some mucus from the earthworm. LOL.

Interesting fact: do you know that earthworms have no eyes? :)

Uncle Loo went on to show the children more plants and how some are used as food dye / coloring. Now, not many people would know this but we have some carnivorous plants at the gardens too! Here's the photo of a pitcher plant! Impressive isn't it? :)

Before I knew it, the hour was over and the children headed back to the classrooms for some workbook activities.

If there is one change I can suggest for these tours, it would be to increase the walks from 60 - 90mins because 60 mins is really a tad too short! I am in the midst of organising a private tour for a homelearning group which I moderate on Facebook for more discoveries at the garden!

This tour is part of a series of our year end Holiday Plans. Have you gone for any activities with the kiddos so far? Do let me know of any suggestions you may have for us! :)

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