Monday, November 25, 2013

Our Legoland Adventure with 8 "Survivor" Tips!

As part of our year end activities, Legoland is one of the places that I have planned to visit with Dumpling this holiday season. The Little Miss has been bugging me to bring her there since she first spotted bus shelter ads and bus ads. With the water park operational, I guess that it was a good time for us to venture there! 

We spent an entire day there with some friends where my GF drove us in. I thought that it would be great to share some survival tips with you in this post! 

:: 1. Go by the second causeway! 
It took about 40 mins for us to get to Legoland from Bukit Batok area without any jam (we went on a weekday so that helps). Once inside, you will need to pay toll charges so head to the left lanes where there are people operating the toll barrier so that you can purchase a TouchNGo card which looks something like this:

The card costs RM50 where the value in the card is RM40 and toll charges each way is RM7.50. 

:: 2. Look for the brown signs on the left of the road! 
Frankly, I am really bad with directions but there were signages to the left of the road which were pretty prompt and clear and all we had to do was to follow the brown signs.

:: 3. Pack water, bring along food and use a trolley / backpack if you need & wear comfy shoes!
I consume about 1.5 to 2 litres of water daily so water is a must for me. The mistake I made was that I used a sling bag instead of a backpack. Additionally, as there were 3 kids and 3 mummies, we brought along food too to avoid food queues and well, to eat healthily. On hindsight, we should have brought along a trolley bag to lug the water and food around instead. 

The park is pretty huge so comfortable footwear is a must. The 2 other mummies wore track shoes and I wore flip flops coz I walk best in them. :p

:: 4. Head in bright and early
We started our day fairly early (around 10+) and it was relatively empty and this was even with a lot of school children there that morning. As such, our queues for most rides and activities were pretty short and we could get to the activities pretty quick! 

First up for Dumpling: Lego Driving School!

:: 5. Bring along some cash
Though the souvenir shops accept credit card, having some cash was useful as we bought not only drinks but I could not help myself and paid for this too! It was too cute for me to give it a pass and on hindsight, I was really glad that I bought it as that was just about the only personalised item she had from the excursion. The pass came with a nice lanyard and the whole thing costs RM35.

:: 6. Sun protection!
When we got there in the morning, the weather was beautiful. It was in fact just a tad cloudy with not much sun. It was much later in the late afternoon around 4pm that it became very much hotter. So bring along a cap and use sunscreen as there are not many sheltered areas in the park! (see below)

Pretty much an open area without much shelter

:: 7. Bring along a camera besides the usual camera phone
I found loads to take when I was there. There were so many precious moments where the kids had so much fun and had comical shots too! 

From having fun at the fire station and putting out "fire"... 

To being 'prisoners'...

To Mama Sue here having a go at a vertical ride...

To pretty shots like these (YES, IT IS A LEGO TRAIN!!!)

To nice mummy-daughter pic...

It was a lovely place with loads of nice photo opportunities! 

:: 8. Learn to let go!
I will be the first to admit it, it is hard letting go at times watching kids grow up too fast too soon! During this trip, I learnt to let go a lot because paranoid mum here was not allowed to get on some of the rides with her. She went alone on the horsie (3 ROUNDS!!!) 

To wanting to do a pretty high water slide (yellow slide below) on her own (ALL OF 5 ROUNDS!) all on her own! *shudder*

Funnily, I also had to learn to "let go" in a different way - I had to brave the roller coaster. I love the vertical tower type of rides but I absolutely hate roller coasters (pic below is the more 'tame' part of the ride where the 'dip' was not captured possibly because I was shaking after riding it TWICE as Dumpling refuses to get out after round 1!!!)

All in all, we had a marvellous time and we will definitely be back again! I hope that you have foundthe tips useful and here's a parting shot from us!

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  1. You're right on with all 8 tips. First time we went, it was so hot and we were all cap-less! Gasp!! Now we know better :) And you're definitely right about the letting go part, there were tons of things for the kids to explore and do, without us. *BIG GASP* lol. But it was real tons of fun, and every penny worth the ticket price!

    1. Hi N!!!!

      Yes, #8 about letting go was the hardest for me! They grow up too fast and much too soon!!! :(

  2. I went on both weekday and weekend, both on school holidays, weekday is better as crowd is lesser. My son ditched me and went on rides with his cousins hahaha~ even sitting with stranger on coaster. He had loads of fun while this mama just stand around and guard the bags :D

    1. Wa, not bad leh, you can nuah Jen! :p

  3. I enjoyed Legoland very very much too! I would love to return :D We went when Poppy was 4 but as you know, she's really tall, right? So she was mistaken as a 6 year old and allowed to ride on the big coaster and emerged WHITE AS A SHEET. Takes after her Mama. I hate roller coasters!!

    Eh you walk in flip flops, she walks in guniang shoes!!!

    1. OMG! SHE WENT FOR THE BIG ROLLER COASTER RIDES? THE POOR THING!!!! I WOULD HAVE FAINTED! I brought along a pair of flip flops for her but she likes that pair leh. lol

  4. It poured... we had to buy the "Buy 2 Get 1 Free" umbrellas for our party of 9 in addition to the 3 brollies we already had... but after that, weather was perfect!
    And we really need to go with a real camera just like you said!

    1. Was the Buy 2 get 1 a rainy day promo? If so, they are very smart!!!! :p Yes, I brought along my usual DSLR which weighs a ton but it was worth it; photos looked great!

  5. Glad I read this before my trip next week, just added caps, hats and sunblock to my to-bring list :p


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