Monday, September 23, 2013


We are big fans of fairy tales - fractured and original versions. :) I love that fairy tales enable children to enter into a imaginary world and it is through these stories which encouraged Dumpling's love for books. 

Leading into the year end school holidays, I Theatre is putting up another production - Grimm's Fairy Tales. The part parts that I am totally excited about? It will be done as a full-scale Broadway-standard musical  AND it features not 1 but a compilation of classics Hansel and Gretel, Rapunzel, The Valiant Little Tailor and Little Red Riding Hood! 

Dumpling is naturally excited about catching this production especially with her interest in the performing Art route. I am pleased to share that I have 2 sets of family package of 4 tickets for a giveaway, worth more than a total of $200! 

Date: 3 November 2013, Sunday
Time: 5pm
Duration: 1hour 15 mins (with 15 mins interval)
Venue: Drama Centre Theatre, National Library
Age group: 4 - 16 and families
(Note: Winners will be notified via email. Tickets are to be collected within 2 weeks of notification at I Theatre's office: 27 Kerbau Road, Singapore 219163)

Creatives: written and directed by Brian Seward
Music composed and arranged: Bang Wenfu

Here's how to win!
(Each click on Rafflecopter unlock more credits / chances)

Note: please leave a comment in the post on which fairy tale you like best and why! Kindly remember to leave your email address so that we can contact you! 

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  1. Hope we can win the tickets. I am looking forward to see the red riding hood... more interested in the wolf though... lol

  2. I want and i wish to win these tickets.I love little red riding hood cause it educate kids on tge danger of talking to strangers.

  3. I want to win cos I Want to eat the confectionary house with hansel & gretel. Heehee

  4. We wish to win the tickets because little red riding hood has been our all time favourite. Thank you for hosting!

    Shih Hui

  5. My kids and I like "Little Red Riding Hood" the most as there are so many lessons we can learn from this short and simple story.

  6. Childhood is not complete without Red Riding Hood. It teaches children not to accept goodies from strangers.

  7. I love fairy tales and would love to expose my son to them.

    Out of the 4 stories that will be performed I like The Valiant Little Tailor, love the way the Little Tailor out smart every one and eventually found his true happiness after that.


  8. My favourite fairy tale out of the 4 has got to be Little Red Riding Hood because of the happy ending for Little Red and grandma and only the wolf is harmed in the end.

    My email is

    Hope to win and be able to attend with N and my family.

    Thanks for this great giveaway!

  9. I love Hansel and Gretel best! Have told the sugar coated version to my kids many times so as not to scare them. It's one of my favourite tales as it is a powerful story of courage and cruelty, weakness and love. Simply amazing!

  10. Our Favourite tale is Hansel and gretel as it demonstrates how a pair of brother and sister look out for each other..

    Hope to be the lucky one to win!

  11. I love the stories since young & my kids love listening to the stories too! :)

  12. Thanks for the chance to win. My girls love Little Red Riding Hood, I think they like stories of big bad wolves plans being foiled or defeated.

  13. Loved that it will be a broadway musical. Am sure my princess would love the song and dance! Thanks for a chance to win!!

  14. Little one loves Rapunzel because of her long beautiful hair! And I'm a big fan of broadway musical & fairy tales hence this would be perfect for us!

  15. I want to win cos of little red riding hood.

  16. My favourite is little red riding hood. I like the ending of the wolf.

  17. I will like to win the tixs as we love Little Red Riding Hood and it's a musical!!

  18. My kids' favourite is Little Red Riding Hood.

  19. i love rapunzel cos i love how she tried to find her own freedom.


  20. I love Little Red Riding Hood!! It just brings all those beautiful childhood memories back to me everytime!

  21. I like the three little pig. Teach us to work hard and building strong foundation..
    Thanks for organising give away :)
    Mona -

  22. My son likes little red riding hood. He recently saw a small scale puppet performance of this story. Hope to bring him see the big scale performance. Thanks for the giveaway!

  23. hi,

    love the little red riding hood as it teaches the young to be beware of strangers,which applies to internet safety as well.thanks so much for the giveaway

  24. Red riding hood is our all time favoruite!! Always check grandma in bed has big eyes or big ears or big mouth!! it was a good story for kids.

    Hope to win and as a treat for our first family trip with little one

  25. We love little red riding hood...for that matter...any fairy tales with the big bad wolf which my little one loves.

    Keeping my fingers get the tickets to bring my boy to a play

    Eunice Wee

  26. Hope to win.. I enjoy the Little Red Riding Hood especially I just watched a very entertaining version recently! LOL!!


  27. Huge fan of fairy tales!!! Please let me win!!! Hehe. I wanna watch the play coz I wanna be the big bad wolf keke. Most importantly I love the moral of the story each parent can highlight to their kids!!!

    Wish me luck!!!

  28. Oops for gotten to add my email add.
    Mary here!!

    Haha how embarrassing. Look what fever can do to oneself haha!

  29. We love the Little Red Riding Hood! I particularly likes the big bad wolf! opps...

  30. reading fairy tales to my kids every day! Rapunzel is favourite cos we do silly things with the long long hair. haha. hope to catch the show!


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