Thursday, April 4, 2013

Talkative Thursday - In faith, there is hope

I did not plan on having a post out today till I experienced something which filled my heart with so much gratitude. I had the opportunity to review and do a giveaway on iTheatre's The Enormous Turnip. While speaking to the lady-in-charge from iTheatre and finalising details on the giveaway, she shared that Tanglin School reached out to her for the sponsorship of some tickets to the play. 

That chat had me thinking over a few days as I was not sure how I could help. Finally, after praying over it, I decided to just dive in and try. So, when I posted about the giveaway on my personal FB page and the Homelearning FB group, I 'shouted out' to ask for the sponsorship of some tickets for these children with special needs

To my surprise, within a few minutes of my post, a mummy friend whose son was Dumpling's schoolmate at the Chinese class for a while, reached out and offered to sponsor. That marked the start of a series of PMs, SMSs and What's App messages from my mummy friends over the next 3 hours. 

God truly is good and works in wonderful ways. Instead of the original amount the school was hoping for, after collating all the mummies' responses, I realised that we now have more than double of what was asked for. When I called the iTheatre lady-in-charge to inform her about this, to my surprise, she shared that the school reached out to her before my call to share that if more tickets can be collected, it would be great so that more students and teachers can attend. :) How truly wonderful. 

I am just in awe over these mummy friends' generosity. Amongst so many messages that I received in those 3 hours, 2 mummies have deeply touched my heart with their responses and replies. 

Mummy HS replied with this when I thanked her: 
"My pleasure.. What I have is God given..
I am just doing my part"   

Mummy K whom I only got to know recently replied me with this:
"I feel so blessed to have healthy kids... Feel blessed that I'm living in a normal country and family... So am trying to help these children.... hope that my children can share their joy (of watching these productions) with others too..." 

WOW. To all of you fabulous mummies, I thank you from the bottom of my heart. I am deeply humbled and so very thankful for all your generosity. When I first decided to have a go at rally-ing for the sponsorship, I truly did not know if I was able to gather enough contribution. But I decided to try in faith and in turn you ladies gave me so much hope. That there are wonderful souls out there who are willing to make a difference. Thank you for your support and for making me believe and see that 'in faith, there truly is hope'.'s Talkative Thursdays


  1. How lovely to hear that you were able to pull together the tickets for the special needs kids. It took that first step of courage for you too! Thanks for sharing.

    1. Thank you Jasmine, for your encouraging words. Yes, it was indeed a leap of Faith! :)

  2. Wow! What a wonderful initiative, and I am sure the children at Tanglin will be greatly blessed by the show! :)

    1. Hi San, I sure hope so. I, too, am blessed with some many nice friends and mummies helping out. A truly humbling experience!

  3. eh how come I did not see your shout out in ur FB n HL??? Next time ask me too since you know I seldom crawl fb pages now =)

    1. Hi Jenn, will definitely reach out the next time! *hugs*


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