Saturday, April 20, 2013

Simple pleasures - Saturdays are made of these :)

Since taking a break from teaching on Saturdays, I really treasure my Saturday mornings with Dumpling. I will usually head outdoors since sleeping in is still NOT a luxury that we have at this household with her being an early riser. (Sigh)

I am still fiddling around with my camera, trying to improve my photography skills. And this morning, we headed out to a playground nearby so that she can get outdoor time.

These are the simple pleasures in my life. :)

Ohhhh... How I love dim sum...

I don't really take pork except when it is dim sum or laden with chili...

Moments of motherhood bliss are when I see the little one (ok, I know that she is not so little now but she will always remain as a baby in my eyes!) enjoying herself at the playground.

Above pic: told her to smile nicely and she stuck out her tongue!

I know that the picture is a tad out of focus but this has to be my favourite of the series this morning. 
Because childhood passes us by like a blur. If we are not "present" we'd miss out on blissful moments such as these. 
Moments where they still run around amok, moments where they are not jaded with life (and homework!), moments where there is still so much wonderment in their eyes and that tinkle of joy in their ringing laughter. 
Happy blessed weekend!
Luv, Mama Sue


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