Spilling the Beans

I am Singapore mum blogger and a reformed perfectionist, caffeine addict and an avid food lover based in Singapore who learnt that motherhood throws you the most unpredictable curve balls. 

I am also a working mum who homeschooled my daughter during her preschool years. I started blogging actively some years back to share my parenting thoughts and tips. My kiddo is in mainstream school now and these days, I support her interest differently - through workshops and eLearning. :)

Now, from time to time in this blog, I refer to myself as Mama Sue and Dumpling has LuLu. It started from a movie which we caught and she was captivated by a little girl called Lucy in that show. Mama Sue is the abbreviated version of "Susan", another character in that show. Our alter egos first appeared in this post on "Why do I blog" and have been popping up ever so frequently ever since. 

It is always nice to receive comments from you, the readers, so please do drop me some! I can also be contacted at beanienus{at}gmail.com!  

Thank you for popping by and joining me on my parenting journey. :) 


  1. Hi,
    When I first read your blog, I thought you were a SAHM. As I read recent posts, I begin to realise that you are a working mum. Kudos to you for being able to steal small pockets of time to homeschool Dumpling after work.

    You are inspiring me to do likewise. It's a challenge for me. I talk with my voice to get the boys do some simple activities. Many times, I forget to sign and voice at the same time. This is one difficulty I have as a deaf parent.

    I look forward to reading more posts on Maths and Science series. I'd like to do some activities with my boys.


    1. Hi PR,

      Thank you very much for the kind words. One of the reasons why I started to blog is to share / exchange ideas, resources, etc., and it is certainly nice to know that the blog has been useful in reaching out.

      I do have more posts coming up on Science and Math. Keep a look out for them. If there is anything you need more information on, do email me. :)

  2. I was feeling kinda lonely in my homelearning journey till I find your blog. So excited to ready your many many posts on learning through play, especially the Maths series. Love your ideas.

    1. Hi Mama Tan and thanks for dropping by. It is certainly nice to have other fellow mummies reading and sharing feedback. Math series is sort of on a break at the moment - I took many photos but have not had the chance to blog about them! Will try and update again soon!


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