Thursday, December 15, 2016

New Year Giveaway ~ Uncle G's Handmade's Signature Crackling Pork is back!!!

In just a span of 3 over years, Uncle G's Handmade has evolved to a household name that “market go-ers” hunt for.

Started up by a husband and wife team who are both food lovers, I previously did an interview with Uncle G here. Having made a name for itself with its crackling crispy roast pork, the duo is now offering a Christmas Party package!

How many times have we ever been stuck in a situation where we need to source for X’mas goodies from various eateries? Uncle G Handmade solves all of that for us with its latest X’mas offering: party package! Here's the menu:

:: Christmas Package : $20/pax
Roasted Vegetables
Shepherd’s Pie (Lamb) or Cottage Pie (Beef)
Crispy Roast Pork
Creme Brulee / Tiramisu

I don't know about you but the menu hits all the right buttons for me!

With the new offering, I couldn't help but posted them these questions:

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:: Why the sudden offer of a party package?
Uncle G: Uncle G's Handmade in fact is not only about our signature roast pork. 

We do have a range of products to offer, depending on occasion and customers. Hence, we offered the party package to introduce our other products. Fun fact 101: Our first product was actually pineapple tarts!

:: You shared that the package is customizable, if that's the case, what are the other options they have? 

Uncle G: Other options are actually customized based on customers' request. We have made, just to name a few, Shepherd's Pie, prawn paste fried chicken wings, chicken roulade, bread, cakes and cookies for different customers. 

We are also available as a food vendor for both public and private events where we can also customize the menu. For example, We recently made Korean Style Chicken drumettes for a private event.

Excited much? I am glad to share that Uncle G has kindly offered to sponsor 1.5kg (good for between 10 - 12 pax) of their signature Crispy Roast Pork again this year just in time for your New Year celebration!
(The Roast Pork is also one of the key items in the Party Package!)

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Take part via Rafflecopter below!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Terms and Condition:
1. As this giveaway is a food item, all participants need to be reside in Singapore
2. The giveaway is for 1.5kg (weight before roasting) of roast pork (good for up to 10pax!)
3. Collection will be by the winner at Ming Arcade, 21 Cuscaden Road, #05-04 on 31 December either between 12 - 1pm or 5 - 6pm.
4. By taking part in this giveaway, you agree to share your information with the sponsor
5. As the giveaway is a food item, it must be consumed within 3 hours of collection

Disclaimer: The giveaway is kindly sponsored by Uncle G's Handmade

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Kenneth and Joey being featured in 联合早报! 

About Uncle G's Handmade
Uncle G’s Handmade was started together by Kenneth and Joey, a husband and wife team in 2013. Uncle G's Handmade debuted as weekend traders at Pasarbella’s soft launch, where it first introduced its Signature Crispy Roast Pork.

Kenneth has always enjoyed cooking and was inspired from watching cooking programmes and Michelin chefs’ videos on YouTube. Trained as an engineer, he enjoys hands-on hobbies which range from cooking, assembling and painting of model kits, wood work to mini electrical stuffs. This is why the word ‘handmade’ was added. However, cooking remains as his number one passion.

Together with his wife Joey, who loves research and all things pretty, they went on to attend professional baking classes and have since added chocolate, pastry and bread skills to their repertoire. In every pop-up, Uncle G’s Handmade strives to serve something new as they enjoy seeing others enjoy their food.

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  1. I would love the pork...die die must try item!

  2. I like to have some biscotti or Christmas cookies, these can be snacks before the meal. A baked ham maybe for those guests who don't really like roast pork.

  3. Oh, it would be a crackling good meal should i win the pork crackling. Pick me, rafflecopter, pick me!

  4. Other than the obviously yummy roast pork, it would be great to have mini burgers of various meat selection, such as smoked duck, beef and chicken. Small in size so it won't be too filling if the guests want to try more than one flavour! - Brendalene

  5. I'd love to try the pork! Our family favourite

  6. Tis would be a lovely addition to the 1st NY eve party am hosting tis year! A great dish to end 2016 on a happy note :) thxs for the delish giftaway!

  7. Would love to have a salad dish added to the feast! :)

  8. Signature roast pork and prawn paste chicken, becos I have a family of carnivores. Hahaha!

  9. The Traditional Roast Turkey as it is synonymous with Christmas nut perhaps do a Asian inspired version to tantalise the taste buds !

  10. chicken wing n roast pork

  11. Boiled Chinese soup! Common ones like szechuan vegetable and pork soup, ABC soup etc. It will go well with the roast pork. Our family, especially my toddler, loves to drink soup.

    FB: Yu Meiyi

  12. The pork crackling just look so amazing, definitely a must try for our family!!!

    FB: Andy Neo

  13. Some organic veggies to go along with the meats!

  14. Turkey! Bcoz Christmas without turkey is simply inconceivable! =D

  15. Hope to win one for my family

    From kimberly wintergal
    P/s i dun know how to use this comment

  16. What is a local Xmas without Roast Pork

  17. The roast pork. It looks super delicious. You get hungry just looking at it!
    FB: Jingxian Liang

  18. The roast pork. It looks super delicious. You get hungry just looking at it!
    FB: Jingxian Liang

  19. Definitely the roast pork!!! Wanna wow my family members with it

    Fab: Theresa Tay

  20. The menu is fabulous as it is..but some additional sides like garlic bread will really complete the menu

  21. I would live to try the crackling pork. Will love to end it with a lemony cheesecake!

  22. Some satay burgers yum yum!!!!

  23. It would be awesome if Uncle G can include a carb dish like Raisin Rice with his party package, will go so well with his yummy Sio Bak! We support him at his pop up events too! Hope to win this for my NYE celebration with the extended family. Thanks for hosting this giveaway!

  24. It will be great if honey drumlets is added for the kids and also butter rice or bee Hoon will be included to make it a real complete meal.

  25. Love to have mustard sauce, salsa and perhaps some salad greens and roasted or mash potatoes. Will go wonderfully with the crackling pork. - Michelle M

  26. Signature roast pork and baked salmon will perfect for a party!

  27. Apart from sio Bak, butter rice and chicken wings would be good for both old and young too!!! Can fill tummy for those who need carbo :)

  28. Besides the roasted pork, I would like to taste the stewed chicken and chilli crab. Oh..... Can't wait to eat now !

  29. Would like to have baked salmon with this and end it with a lemon meringue tart ☺️

  30. Signauture roasted pork, beehoon and mee to complete the meal and mango pudding for dessert.

  31. Maybe to have chicken and fish as alternatives as some people dont like or cannot eat pork/lamb/beef .....

  32. I would love to share the roast pork with my parents ;) We always eat roast pork with porridge because roast pork is salty and complements the plain porridge ;) Not forgetting chinese tea to clear the 'oiliness' of the roast pork. I love roast pork but I don't eat frequently as I am conscious of my weight :') But I shall forget about my weight this festive season as I can't seem to resist the temptation of Uncle G's roast pork XD Thanks Alicia for the generous giveaway :)

  33. Who can resist such succulent roast pork..cant wait to feast on this at family new year party��

  34. Who can resist such succulent roast pork..cant wait to feast on this at family new year party

  35. I wanted to try the signature crispy roasted pork . My girl love roasted pork and she eat at least twice a week. Hope can win and let her try .

  36. I am a traditional person i just love the Roasted crispy pork..dip with garlic chilli sauce.👍👍

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