Thursday, October 22, 2015

Giveaway: Chew Time for Man's Best Friend!

We recently adopted a Singapore Special, Jaime. Having a puppy means chewed up walls, slippers and sofas. Well, at least that’s how it has been for me and the 4 dogs that I have had so far. Puppies chew a lot because they are bored and because they are teething.

The natural thing for us to do was to look for chews for her to chew on. And not just any chew, but healthy natural ones too. 

:: The Shopping Experience

A quick online search brought me to Chew Time and I was immediately drawn to their “Sale” page which featured bundle deals! :p 

What is especially useful for me is the description of the items in the individual bundle packs and chew box pages. Being a puppy, Jaime is a fairly aggressive chewer and description like the below helps me:

Additionally, the bundle packs are also bundled specially where they are cheaper than purchasing as individual items.

The checkout process was fast and easy. Smart Pac is offered free for orders above $50 and free courier is available for orders above $80. Mode of payment is also easily done via internet / bank transfer.

(Jaime sussing the items out)

A few days later, the SmartPac arrived in our letter box. And it couldn’t have arrived on a better day. It was a special day for us and for Jaime because that is the day when she was formally adopted by us. :)

:: The items

I had ordered the September Chew Box and added on some bully sticks. I was pleased to see that the items were not only vacuumed sealed but also labelled individually. 

 (Close-up of the items I ordered)

(Some of the pieces were really big!)

The VID (very important dog) was of course ecstatic! And what a better time for us to work with her on her “sit” and “stay” than this! 

(Human, may I be "released" now? This is animal cruelty!)

It was a great moment to teach her the "come" command too. :) 

The website made good its recommendations and our bully sticks lasted for a while (about 2 hours) which was quite good considering that she is an aggressive chewer!

Jaime has almost finished all the pieces in the box and so far, she has enjoyed all of them. From the Roo Tendon to the Lamb Shank, and from the Bully Sticks to the Roo Tail, they were definitely great treats and training rewards. :) 

Would you like to win 1 x October Chew Pack or 1 x October Chew box for your furkids? 

I am pleased to share that I have 1 of each worth a total of almost $80 to give away!

Take part in the rafflecopter below to enter for a chance of winning! 
(Please remember to leave a comment below on "Why you would like to win a Chew Box" as well as include your email address!)

:: Terms and Conditions:

1) The give away is only for people residing in Singapore.
2) No duplicate winners allowed.
3) Winners have to provide an email address and respond within 48 hours after receiving notification email. Otherwise, another winner will be chosen.

Can't wait for the giveaway to pamper your best friends? Fret not! Chew Time is running a Halloween Sale from 26 Oct to 1 Nov 2015 which offers additional savings! :)

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Disclaimer: The giveaway is kindly sponsored by Chew Time. We are not compensated for the post. All opinions expressed are entirely ours.

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  1. Replies
    1. Done!!!

    2. Please remember to include a comment on "Why you would like to win a Chew Box?"! :)

  2. I want to win a Chew Box for my sister's furbaby, Zoey (a rescued Singapore special) and their buddy, Nala (also a rescued Singapore special, my sister is fostering her at the moment) so that these two furladies can enjoy snacks together, while the humans enjoy a cuppa! They deserve it after having such a rough start at life!


  3. I would love to win this for my furkid & I definitely feel he's going to get so gaga over this!!

  4. I WANT! Because Jaime is Zora's sister (and sisters share good things right? Sibling <3)! haha :P and because I have 3 fur kids... who have collectively chewed up the sofa, the clothes, the puzzle mat, the yoga mat, their toys, the pillowcase........ My boy is nicknamed Terror Terry the Terrible. Go figure :P

    Zora's mummy

  5. The furkids wouild love it.

  6. Why? Because it will keep our dog Kaycee from chewing her paws instead! :p

  7. To let my furkid try natural treats!

  8. I don't want the chew box, it is my dogs (Oreo & Channing) who wants it, cos they were beside me when I was looking at this post. They looked at me and insisted that I do something about it, so here I am, trying to win the chew box for them. They told me that they have never had bully sticks or anything from Chew Time, and they really really want to try it *inserts two pairs of puppy eyes*.

    Val, Oreo and Channing (they also insisted that I help them sign off, cos they couldn't type with their furry paws)

    (I am their momager, so you can email me if they win it)

  9. To be honest, Cookie & Creamy are the ones that want to win it~ I bought them some chews when there was a collaboration between chewtime & feedmypaws... Since then, I have yet to got them anymore because I am back to studying now and have no income~~~ They have been begging me for it, but I have not buy any yet :( so now they are bugging me to take part so that they have a chance to get free chews! Being their slave, I have no power to say no... Thats why I'm here typing this comment~~~ hahaha!

    1. Careless slave forgot to include her email and got barked by the two ๅฐ‘็ˆท to faster add in if not later they get disqualified...

    2. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  10. my royal majesty Singapore special ordered me to win. otherwise I'll be his chew toy FOR ALL ETERNITY. my arms and legs are already disfigured. I have to win to keep my arms and legs

  11. am a reg supporter of chewtime since it launched! but funnily i've never gotten the monhly box for them before. my fluffballs have been bugging me to get them new chews from chewtime as theirs was finished awhile ago. to the extent that they remind me everyday via shredding and chewing items to death on whatever they can get their paws (teeth ?) on. so I'm crossing my fingers in hopes that I'll win them a box so that I'll be an even awesomer mom in their eyes and of course help with their chewing and teeth cleaning! >.<

  12. Entered! Hoping to win more awesome chews for my princess terror Koko. Chewtime chews hv been really helpful for our little girl's separation anxiety and hyperactivity. Even when i hold a chew that's still in its vacuum sealed package, Koko just knows that I've got a big treat for her and she'll sit and wait with her F1 waggy tail. I love my princess to bits and seeing her happy means more to me than anything in the world ♡


    Ever since the arrival of my kids, I admitted that I have sort of neglected my poor hugo. But the ever faithful dog will wake up when I woke up in the middle of the night feeding my baby and waiting for me to go back to my room. He does that everyday, and waited outside the baby room for me to be done. I hope I will win this for him to let him enjoy. A dog is for life~~

  14. I wish, i hope & i pray i will win this awesome chew for my baby princess yumi!
    Ever since i bought yumi home, i just wanna give her the best i could. I wish she can win this yumi treats so that she will be even happier ๐Ÿ˜Š

  15. I wish, i hope & i pray i will win this awesome chew for my baby princess yumi!
    Ever since i bought yumi home, i just wanna give her the best i could. I wish she can win this yumi treats so that she will be even happier ๐Ÿ˜Š


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