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Review + Giveaway! Scholastic Borrowed Words in Action 1&2!

One of the things which I am very thankful for is that the kiddo loves to write. It did not start out that way actually. While she loves writing, she was a bit of a reluctant writer and I think this has to do more with the fine motor skills than interest.

So I started her on journaling where the focus was more on doodling and the spelling of short words here and there. Additionally, it was about that time that we got hooked on Audio books where I would put the CD on “pause” and discuss the words we heard or discuss the plots. That worked really well with the kiddo as she started being exposed to new words. I came to realise that she may have read some of the words in books but was not sure of how to pronounce them. Some of these words are “borrowed words” which originated from for e.g. France, Germany, etc. 

We are fans of Scholastic’s In Action series which is a series of learning English through pictures in comic strips format. We started with the Idioms series (and you can view the “inside pages” on some of the titles here) which the kiddo enjoyed tremendously.

With the Borrowed Words series, it provides a compilation of age appropriate “borrowed words” which helps to expand her range of vocabulary further. 

:: Layout
Each borrowed word is pretty much explained in the same format as a dictionary. The list of words are arranged in alphabetical order (which you can view from the contents page - pic below) where the origin of the word and phonics are written below the word.  

Thereafter the meaning of the word and which part of the speech the word belongs to (noun, verb, etc), are included. 

:: What I like about it

I really like the selection of the words in this 2-book set. Many of these words are words that have appeared in the books the kiddo reads and I feel that they are definitely useful and applicable for compositions too. 

What I also appreciate is that there are 2 - 4 sample sentences given as examples to show how to use the borrowed word and these were certainly helpful in cementing the understanding. 

:: What the kiddo likes about it
On the main page, there is always a box at the bottom of the page which gives further explanation or alternative use of the word and Dumpling finds this useful too. 

And of course, what she enjoys a lot is the illustrations, many of which are often really funny! :)


 These certainly make learning new (borrowed) words a breeze for the kiddo! :)

I have 1 set of Scholastic Borrowed Words in Action to give away! 
Enter the rafflecopter below for a chance to win this! Remember to leave a comment below in this post on what is/are your favorite borrowed word(s) and why! J

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Terms and Conditions:
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2) The winner will have to collect the books at 81 Ubi Ave 4, #02-28, UB. ONE, Singapore 408830. A valid email address is needed for prize notification. The email notification will serve as a validation for prize collection.  
3) A comment needs to be made on this post to be eligible for the draw.
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Scholastic In Action:
Scholastic In Action is Scholastic's top-selling title and it now has 16 mini-series with 2 – 3 books per series. The collection ranges from more academic focused to more fun learning topics. Fun comic-strips illustrate the use of each language item. In Action series can be found at all POPULAR bookstores and selected TIMES bookstores. Each book is selling at $6.90 (before GST).

Disclaimer: The Borrowed Words in Action Set giveaway and review is kindly sponsored by Scholastic. We are given a complimentary set in order to share our opinions on it. We are not compensated for the post. All opinions expressed are entirely ours.

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  1. Status quo as I always use it to emphasise that nothing has change ! Better than using the word no change .. Status quo sounds better to me!

  2. Souvenir as it reminds of great family holidays.

  3. Bizarre! It just has a certain ring to it that conveys puzzlement and incredulity.

  4. Resume. Just like it when things/activities are back in action.

  5. My favourite "borrowed" word is 'finale'. I love to feel a sense of accomplishment after an even/course/activity.

  6. Finale. It gave me a complete feel.

  7. Tempo as it sounds musical to me. The tempo of city life.

  8. My fav would be déjà vu as I seemed to have had a few of's a bizarre feeling which I could never explain. 😔

    Thank you for the giveaway!

  9. My favourite is caveat! Due to the nature of my work, I often make points but yet need to ensure the client is aware of any risk that may be present due to an existing factor! Hahaha can't run away and it just summarises the thought simply in 1 word!!

  10. My favourite is caveat! Due to the nature of my work, I often make points but yet need to ensure the client is aware of any risk that may be present due to an existing factor! Hahaha can't run away and it just summarises the thought simply in 1 word!!

  11. Bizarre, it gives me a strange and yet good feeling

  12. Carpe diem is my favourite borrowed word because it has good meaning "seize the day"
    FB: Khor Lee Ling

  13. Pronto, as I have to remind my children to do their homework promptly everyday.

  14. My favourite word is GENRE. My French speaking husband laughed - literally out loud - when I said it "in English". It sounds better in French than in English!

  15. This comment has been removed by the author.

  16. Deja Vu is my fave word! It perfectly describe my feelings when something seems familiar and have happen before!

  17. Gung Ho is the word! Not about going into war or fighting (duhz) but more on my mindset and attitude when I am trying something adventurous and thrilling for the first time especially with my son. Me no like excitement... I'll probably get a heart attack just by THINKING of doing it but when its with my son, I just have to bite the bullet and say "LETS GO!".

  18. Finale. It gave me a complete feel

  19. déjà vu. This is the word we will hardly use but now knowing the meaning will be useful for kids to use in their composition.

    Keith Tan

  20. Kung fu , I like to watch Kung fu movies.
    Lyn Teo

  21. finale. like this because it means ending of an event which calls for a celebration which involves joys and happiness.

  22. My fav word is "wanderlust" as I have the desire to wander around the world.

  23. Wanderlust as Travelling & exploring is our favorite hobby as a family..

    Thanks for the giveaway,,

  24. Status quo. as I like to keep things the unchanged, follow the herd and do what everyone does.


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