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Review + Giveaway - SofzSleep

Dumpling is a light sleeper and sleeps very little since young. She’s skipping half of her naps and the other half with me ‘forcing’ her to continue on days where she has no activities to go for. So it is no surprise that I am quite anal about her rest and quality of sleep. :p

As adults, we spend a good 1/3 of our time resting and for the kiddos, depending on their age, it ranges from anything between 10 - 14 hours per day. It is common knowledge that the quality of pillows is directly related to the quality of sleep. So what constitutes as a good pillow?

To me, it's comfort, support and material. We were blessed with a Sofzsleep Junior pillow to review recently and here's our take.

:: Comfort

I was quite surprised to discover that Sofzsleep pillows has a 'natural bamboo cover' and this gives the pillow a satiny smooth feel. That's especially important for younger children and infants where their skin is very delicate. For Dumpling, this is clearly a winner as she is highly sensitive to texture where I still need to snip off clothes labels till now! However, with the Sofzsleep pillow, I have no such issues.

:: Support

I suffer from insomnia so personally I place quite a strong emphasis in the firmness and support of the pillow. If I average 5 hours of sleep daily, I surely will make those hours count!

Now, for Dumpling, it's the same concern too. To me, this relates to the quality of sleep. If she doesn't get a good night's rest, I think she will find it a challenge to stay focused for almost 6 hours in primary school next year.

We have been experimenting and buying pillows of various 'height' and she has previously complained of a stiff neck on an occasion where we used a 'lower' pillow for her.

Sofzsleep pillow is firm yet comfortable. I nudged and pushed into it a few times and as you can see, it didn't 'sink' in. Instead, it adjusts itself where the latex material 'rises' up almost immediately when there is no pressure.

Most of us turn and move through the night as we go through the REM mode so what I noticed was that there was no concern or need to fluff up the pillow; the pillow 'adjusts' itself when Dumpling turns the other way.

With a natural contour in the Sofzsleep Junior Pillow, the shape supports the head and neck properly.

:: Material

I come from a family with strong allergy genes and in the bedroom, we have a purifier, diffuser and a dehumidifier. :p Being a sinus sufferer, this means that Dumpling has slightly more sensitive airways. Hence for me, features like 'Dust Mites Resistant" is another check on the box.

Sofzskeep is also made from natural latex without the use of chemicals and is also anti-bacterial!

Dumpling has been using the pillow for a few weeks now and the shape of the pillow is retained and so far Dumpling has not complained of any neckache and in fact, she lugs the pillow from room to room as she goes about her activities. :)

I am pleased to share that I have not 1, but 2 of these Sofzsleep Junior Pillows (M Size) worth almost SGD120 for a giveaway!

(For SG residents only)

:: To enter:
1. Enter through rafflecopter below!
2. Leave a comment below and share a tip for a good night's sleep!

:: Terms and Conditions:

- Entries that do not fulfil the requirements stated will be disqualified without notice.
- Winners will be notified by email, through the email address provided. Thereafter, we will require the winners' addresses for the pillows to be delivered to them by Sofzsleep.
- This giveaway is for Singapore residents only. 

- Draw date will be on 28 Nov.  

That's not all! Quote Beanie N Us when you order through their FB page (via PM) at and receive a 15% discount! Promotional period is only from 22 Nov to 4 Jan 2015! Just in time for the new school year! :)

Disclaimer: We received a Junior Pillow from Sofzleep in order to do a review on and give our opinions of it. No monetary compensation was received for this post. Sofzsleep is the sponsor of this giveaway. Sofzsleep is on Instagram too!

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  1. make sure its dark in the room, save for a night light.

  2. A comfortable pillow and bed can make our kids a good night's sleep!

    KaRen Ong

  3. Listen to Baroque period music b4 going to bed.

  4. This comment has been removed by the author.

  5. A cup of milk before sleep.

    Celyn Huang

  6. A hot bath and hot milk. A relaxing read to my child.
    Serena Chua

  7. Diffuse Lavender in the room and run a warm bath will allow the child to sleep better.
    dominiquegoh(at) gmail(dot) com

  8. A dark room coupled with under blanket happy chit chat.

  9. A good pillow is important. With Lavender and Peace & Calming esential oils, my girl will sleep even better.


  10. Well ventilated room kept cool with ceiling fan helps my little one enjoy her sleep!

  11. A good massage with good massage oil

  12. A relatively dark room and bedroom routine! oliversmile(.)

  13. Singing songs to them before they sleep!

  14. My #2 cannot do without a bottle of warm milk before bedtime!

  15. A good massage so that the LO can relax and slp thru the night.

  16. A cup of warm milk followed by quiet time helps our family rest well at night =)

  17. Cool room, support mattress and pillow. Quiet activities before bedtime to wind down active mind.

  18. my kids love a good storybook or two, milk and then a round of hugs, cuddles and kisses - to send them to dreamland peacefully.

  19. Routine - shower, milk, story time, cuddles, sleep!


  20. A dark room and aircon!

  21. Dark room, airco on, hide under the blankie :)

    Lorna Tan

  22. Have a hot bath and listen to soothing music.
    Leong Yee Ming

  23. The secret to a good night's sleep is a nice foot and body massage preferably done by your spouse :P

    Michelle Ong,

  24. Wear loose pajamas and have comfortable pillows, bolster, bed, sheets and blankets.

    Louis Lee

  25. A good pillow as my kids have sensitive nose whom are allergy to dustmites.

  26. A good pillow as my kids have sensitive nose whom are allergy to dustmites.

    Pam Wong

  27. I find taking a warm shower before bedtime helpful.

    Xgg Chan

  28. Listening to smoothing music
    KwangHui Neo

  29. Diffuse Lavender in the room and dim the light.

    Andrew Wong

  30. Full stomach, air con and a nice and soft pillow

  31. Massage and a glass of warm milk.

    Kaye Wong

  32. A glass of warm milk before bedtime

  33. A warm shower before bed -meiyi (

  34. A cup of hot milk, cool room and dim lighting.

    Lim Yin Ping

  35. A good pillow n bed with clean dark room will help my princess sleep throughout

  36. A prayer and a word of affirmation of love for my children, help they to have a peaceful sleep. :)


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