Friday, August 2, 2013

Chinese Homelearning Activities: A literature-based approach - 我叫路德

As part of my homelearning journey with Dumpling on Chinese (Dumpling attends Chinese classes where I take on a supportive role of further reinforcing the language / words / phrases at home), we read daily.  

I recently blogged about a series called 路德系列 which serves as a simple reader. Though in various websites it is recommended for 0-3 YO but I feel that this can be used for older children because the words are small and there's no HYPY. As the words are repetitive, this series is good for word recognition, introducing and reinforcing 词/词语。

Because titles in this series are quite short, we are usually done with it rather quickly. Hence I decided to try my hand at extending the reading to include other activities and created a simplified Chinese Lapbook!

Here's one to share on the title 我叫路德

I prefer to space out such activities into 2 - 3 days as their attention level wanes after a while. And usually on Day 1,  I tend to do simpler activities such as these... 

As we progress into Day 2 and 3, that's when we work on writing and HYPY along with her verbal skills. 

What I do is to also pepper the 'more tedious' activities with fun and creative activities such as below and the right cover of the folder (first photo above). :) This helps to break the monotony of just focusing on word recognition / reading.

I hope that these will provide you with more ideas on how to extend your Chinese literature into some fun homelearning activities. :) 

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  1. Hey, love your posts on homeschool activities! keep more posts coming!


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