Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Teaching Preschoolers Chinese - 路德系列: 路德做汤

Chinese is still one area which I try very hard to support from home and because we started reading with Dumpling from young, she developed a love for books at a tender age too. So for a lot of the activities that we do at home, I try very hard to use a literature based approach where we can extend to activities after reading the title. 

We bought a series called 路德系列 which is simple as it has repetitive words yet introduces vocabulary. The series is split into 4 themes with 6 titles in each. Having read through a few titles with her, I decided to extend it into a series of small activities. 

I basically made an A4 booklet for each title where the cover and title of the book were pasted on the cover. 

For this title, it is on 路德做汤 so on Day 1, after reading, we extended into hands-on learning with some of the actual vegetables and ingredients used in the story. I also got Dumpling to try and cut up some of the vegetables (with my help)...

Which I later used it for a stew... 

While I was cooking, I left her with papers, scissors, glue and a "pot" to make her own stew...

 On Day 2, we worked on vocabulary and word recognition

 And on Day 3, we worked on other things such as verbal skills and 量词。

I have finally finished checking the pack and here's the link to share! (As always, the pack was created for homelearning support and is not meant for any sales / for any profit making activities. Please do not edit / tweak it in any way. If you spot a mistake / typo or you have any feedback, please email me at beanienus{at} Thank you!  


  1. I love how u incorporate hands on learning after the story, helps them remember it better! And I am so clueless at teaching mandarin too, (like your husband I suck at it), I am just pushing it to later for now despite knowing that kids learn their languages better at younger ages... :/

    1. Hi N! I didn't know that you took CL as your second language! LOL. Start with audio stories, it helps! PM me if you need more ideas! :)


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