Friday, May 17, 2013

Foodie Fridays - Ramen Bari-Uma

A few weeks ago, after we were done with Dumpling's Speech Therapy sessions, we chanced upon this small and cozy Japanese joint. 

While I am not a pork fan, Dumpling doesn't mind it and loves Ramen so in we went!

A quick look at the menu...

I decided to order the 'best seller' - Ajitama Uma!

Having a Cantonese mum means that the very first thing I try with any soupy dish is the broth! The tonkotsu broth was surprisingly good - it was sweet, flavorful and thick. It was seriously one of the best broth that I have had. 

An egg (Ajitama) was included along with a slice of pork and some slivers of Bamboo shoots

Dumpling ordered on her own set (Kid's Ramen) and the kid's size is around half that of the regular bowl. It had about 3-4 slivers of the bamboo shoots,a small slice of pork and a good serving of corn. The meal comes with a drink (they served her juice) and it goes for a reasonable $7. Dumpling requested for her own egg and so, we added that in for an additional $2. 

If I have to be perfectly honest, it took a lot for me to take a bite of the pork as I am very sensitive to the smell of any pork. Though it had a tad of the smell, what was surprising was how the fats melted right into my mouth almost like meringue! Then I took a closer look at the meat, the menu and then I saw the poster - they are flamed chashu hence the difference! The meat is thickly cut and is scorched on the outside hence the fats do not have the stewed gelatin taste and texture. 

(The top up for more of these melt in your mouth chashu)

Dumpling enjoyed her meal tremendously. Here she is at slurping up her Ajitama! *Proud mama beams on*

And I cannot help but to take a photo of the staff introduction sheet! LOL

19 Tanglin Road #B1-01, Tanglin Shopping Centre

Friday hours 11:30 am–10:00 pm

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