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Heart Studio Review - Our Little Dali Journey Part 3: Curriculum

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Dumpling has been with her Art classes for almost a full term now. So far, I am quite pleased with the approach and the teaching style. I like that the discipline challenges her focus and patience too.

Another area which I do like a lot is the curriculum; I like the exposure as the children are introduced to various media and themes. Importantly, I like the well thought out plan where the skills that they acquire lead up to the next class(es).

:: Development of fine motor skills
As Little Dali is for children between 3 - 4 years old, one of the key learning objectives for this class is the development of fine motor skills. Dumpling had a go at foam painting during one session where it is basically shaving cream mixed with glue and colour.

At a quick glance, it looked simple. As the session went on, I realised how much effort and fine motor skills it requires of the little ones as they mixed and then learn this dabbing technique!

Preschoolers Art

In yet another class, she learnt the marbling technique where she had to apply controlled movements through the mixing of paints. It certainly was not easy transferring the print to the paper, 'smoothening' it out and then scrapping off the foam with those small hands :)

Preschoolers Art

:: Understanding of shapes and then the creation of an outline
A fundamental skill in visual art I guess is the ability to understand shapes, then knowing how to 'break the object up' into the various shapes and using that to as an outline

Since the very first lesson, Teacher Syafiq has been introducing the concept of shapes to the children. In Dumpling's first session, she learnt to break down the shape of a Goldfish into ovals, the scales as C shapes, etc. 

This same approach was then reinforced every week and in the foam art session (mentioned above), Dumpling once again applied the same concept - e.g. the sweet is made of a rectangle and 2 triangles. 

Preschoolers Art

In another session, Dumpling was taught to use the same concept to draw the outline of a tree.  

:: Building up of general knowledge and vocabulary
One thing which was interesting for me from a parental viewpoint is that for all the various themes, Teacher Syafiq does not just dive immediately into the heart of the matter (all pun intended :p). Instead he always starts a new project / theme with a short introduction on the topic before proceeding to explain the necessary terms and anatomy.

I personally like such a 'well-rounded' format as I feel that it adds to the children's general knowledge which in turn, would make it more interesting and definitely easier for the kids to translate into detailing and painting it out.

Additionally, besides painting and collages, Heart Studio also introduces children to other art forms such as 2D art, print making, pottery, etc as part of their curriculum too. :)

Edit: Dumpling has finished a term of her session at Little Dali. Here's Part 1 and Part 2  our review. 

Heart Studio is running a Holiday Programme with 2 interesting projects this march! 

1) Enchanted Clay

Children will be engaged in an exciting 1 and a half hour of fun and excitement as they explore with colourful foam clay in the world of fairytales. Known for its therapeutic effect, clay enables a child to express their thoughts and feelings through the gentle moulding in addition to building up both large and fine motor skills. The children will learn to sculpt and build their favourite fairy tale characters in 2D relief form! 
Date and time:
21 March 2013
10am to 11.30am

2) Print making

BatikPainting_On_Fabric.jpgPrint making is the process of making artworks by printing, normally on paper and on fabric. In this fun and 'messy' workshop, children will have the opportunity to tap into their creativity, explore and experiment in making printing plates and the basics of printmaking techniques. They will also learn to compose elements into their designs and bring home a stack of their very own 'handmade' prints! 

Date and time:
21 & 22 March (this is a one-day workshop available on either of these days)
10am to 11.30am

For more information, please contact Heart Studio at 6554 7563

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