Thursday, February 14, 2013

Parenting with Love - because I have been called to be a mum

'Have you ever regretted being a mum?' someone asked me recently (am penning this on 13 Feb). I smiled at the pretty lass and said 'No. I have never had any regrets in becoming a mum.'

I get this question quite a bit especially from ex colleagues / single friends / friends without kids. They know me during my younger days where I had all the 'me-time' in the world. Big contrast to where I am now where every evening is spent racing through dinner and then homeschooling the little one. From Math to Music to Language Arts to Science / GK, am doing it all. So it is no wonder that some friends cannot reconcile the old and current me.

Hell, I do not believe it myself too. I was after all, quite possibly one of the most non-maternal persons that I know. :p

But how can I ever have any regrets when I look at Dumpling and see moments like these?

Oh help, oh no!!!!

Wa ha ha ha... me love roe!!! Gimme roe!!!

Gasp!!! It is bigger than me!!!

And how can anyone have any regret with love notes like these?

I am blessed in so many ways with this higher order of Motherhood. Dumpling brings out both the very worst and the very best in me. 

'Motherhood - the very best journey about Love that I have ever been on. Dumpling - the very best gift of love that I have ever had. Thank you God and thank you, my other half :)' - 14 Feb, Mama Sue.'s Talkative Thursdays


  1. Love those facial expressions - so cute! and...I completely get what you mean - having my daughter completely knocked the maternal instinct I didn't even know I had right out into the open :) I'm still

    1. LOL, Erika, I am a sucker. I don't think that I'd ever make a full recovery! :) Thanks for stopping by

  2. Never in my mind can I imagine myself being preg let alone being a Mum. But glad every thing turned out fine for me kekeke~ Its a learning journey in every motherhood days, I learn to see things from a different angle and from the little man's perspectives. Discovered things that I wish some one have told me when I was young =)

    1. Yup Jen, it sure is a bumpy ride. Mixed that to us having to be a working mum, wow, that's even more demanding. You are certainly doing great with Z!

  3. Wanted to leave a comment earlier but my mobile wasnt cooperating. LOL! I LURVE Dumpling's expression! Haha... She is one tough and adorable tiger! ;)

    I get these questions too, but I guess to non-parents it is hard to fathom how all the hard work can pay off. But the love for and of a kid is immensely unmeasureable. :)

    1. Hi Sandra, glad to know that in a way, I am not the only who who gets those questions - I mean, I do not look THAT non maternal right? LOL And yes, you are right. The love and the satisfaction, wow, it's like I got hit by a boomerang and have never since quite recovered (see Erika's comment above. :p)


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