Friday, July 13, 2012

Birthday Blast! M-I-C-K-E-Y M-O-U-S-E!

Today marks the start of a series of guest posts from fellow mummy bloggers on their birthday planning ideas and tips! Here's the very first post from Delphine Tan from In the Wee Hours on a Mickey Mouse Party!


I usually plan Anya’s birthday party based on who she wants on the cake. Last year, it was Hello Kitty and this year, she wanted Mickey Mouse. She also made it very clear that it was Mickey Mouse she wanted and not Minnie Mouse.

So I decided to stick to a red, yellow, black and white theme and scoured the Internet for some photos of Mickey Mouse cakes.

I didn’t want the cake to be too obviously Mickey Mouse but Anya insisted that she wanted the cake in the top right hand corner of the picture. That’s a 3kg cake from Bengawan Solo and it was probably good for me because it’s the cheapest option!

The other major thing I had to do for the party was to get goody bags! None of the ones available in the party shops fitted my RYBW colour theme so I tried to buy some off Etsy but eventually ended up making them myself. That was the most labour-intensive part of the party planning but very fulfilling.


materials for goody bags

goodies for the goody bags

I went to various locations to find the Mickey Mouse items for the goody bags. The mini chocolate chip cookies are from one of the party shops along Middle Road (ICB Enterprise House). The crayons are from Chin Giap Soon at The Verge. You can find A LOT of party stuff at Chin Giap Soon. These shops used to be from the Concourse I believe. I bought the stickers from Cold Storage but I’ve seen them at many stationery shops. The stamps are from Mini Toons and the pinball game from Toys R Us.

There’s a party supplies shop at Rocher Centre with a good range of balloons and other party things. Another shop for Disney items is MCKY at nex. And of course there are the party stores at Holland Village, Raffles City, Centrepoint, Great World City, etc. that all carry Mickey Mouse items.

a Mickey bag

a Minnie bag

I made the birthday banner and the bunting and ordered some Mickey Mouse balloons from Kidz Party Store. Anya and Adam wore personalised t-shirts from Etsy. I also decorated the place with some of her Mickey and Minnie stuffed toys.

the set-up

goody bags

the banner

the cake

standing Mickey Mouse balloon

Happy Birthday!

The cake turned out to be more brown than black and we couldn’t even finish half of it. Otherwise, it was a Mickey-rrific party and I had lots of fun planning it!

Life in the Wee Hours is the story of the Wee family. It is about faith, family, friends, and very importantly, food. Delphine is a working mum who does not believe in sitting still. She enjoys dragging her two kids, Anya (3 years old) and Adam (10 months old), all around Singapore.

This is the start of a Birthday Blast series where some blogger mums share their birthday party planning tips and ideas. Coming up next is Adora from Gingerbread Mum who will share with us her planning journey for a Beach Party for Poppy, her 4YO girl. :)


  1. The Party look fabulous! I love the handcrafted Mickey and Minnie Goodybags and the Banners, great effort Delphine. The cake was lovely too. Anya looked like she enjoyed herself greatly at this terrific party, well I would! :)

  2. Thanks! We all had a lot of fun. :)

  3. Cool! I had a Disney bday party for my girl last year and you know what, I spent half a year planning for it and making all the deco/favours/games/bags etc but I'm sure you agree, every bit of sweat and every sleepless night was worth it! =) love the bags and the cake!

  4. Hi Dana Mommy and Daddy,

    Thanks for visiting! Yes, the goodie bags were so professional looking that it looks as if they were die-cut! LOL

  5. Hi Summer,

    LOL, from one mum who loves party planning to another, I know the drill :) 'Cos yours was a Disney theme, what cake did you end up having? :)

    Thanks for dropping by

  6. Hi, i love all the things you made, the banners and goody bags, very well done! :)


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