Sunday, March 11, 2012

FREE Printable - A smurfy good time!

"La la la la la la, sing a happy song, la la la la la la, smurf the whole day long," Dumpling has been singing this song every now and then. To encourage her interest further in the Chinese language, I even bought a set of smurfs books in Chinese.

So, on a quiet afternoon when I was on leave and everyone was sleeping and inspired by other homeschooling blogger mums such as homeschool creations, I started creating a Preschool pack from scratch just for the fun of it. 'Cos I know that Dumpling will certainly love it. I am creating a Chinese version but that will have to wait till later as my schedule is a bit packed with planning of some new ideas and initiatives.

The images used in the packs are from Free Smurfs Clip-art Pictures and Images and Smurf Pictures Smurfette Pictures Papa Smurf Images. Please note that this clip is for personal use and not for selling or to be used in any profit purpose. Please do NOT host the file anywhere else but link them to this page for the download (do not link to the download directly as I may end up shifting the files to other sites and the earlier link you have will not be applicable).

Thank you and enjoy!

For easy convenience, I have decided to upload the printable here. The pack consists of:
- Pre-writing exercises
- Mazes
- Literacy exercises - starting consonant sounds, rhyming words, antonyms, etc.
- Math - one-to-one counting, patterning, etc
- Logic activities
and finishes off with a creative thinking page

Here's some pictures to share:

We have a DVD on one of the series and I also extended the rhyming exercise with a Learner Rod readers set which complements one of the rhyming exercises

For exercises such as these below, I leave her these days to attempt on her own while seated next to her

A "trick" question in one of the activities on "Prepositions" :)

For the pack activities, this was about how much we attempted this morning before heading off to church. So, this pack should last through  1 - 2 more days. :)

And inspiration struck! I extended to to the below

Dumpling loves to draw maze lately and I personally think it is a great exercise to develop critical thinking skills. So with a Geo board, off we explored. We did this together and I gave her a smurf figurine to "walk through".

Here, she made small amendments to the walls as she continues to develop her maze 

And tada! Finally, the maze is completed with the walls and the routes she wanted.

Finishing off with "villians" for more thrills!

You can view some smurf clips on YouTube and here's one:


  1. Thanks for sharing the Smurfs pack! I am looking forward to the Chinese pack, as there is a shortage of such packs in blogland! :)

  2. You are welcome dear. :) Thank you for dropping by and please drop by again. If you did use this pack, do share the link with me! Would love to see your child use it. Enjoy!

  3. Thanks for sharing the Smurfs pack! Love the idea of geo board maze. Looking forward to the Chinese pack too :)

  4. Hi Wan juan,

    Hope KJ likes the pack too. :) I am slooowly doing the CL pack but I am side track again! With the 火车要开了 series! lol

  5. OMGsh how cute! My kids are going to love this :) Thank you

  6. I printed this off for my kiddies this morning as part of our themes for this coming month :) Thank you for sharing. Its so cute!

    1. Hi Jolene,

      Thank you for popping by! I will be downloading yours too! :) I hope you and the kiddos enjoy the pack.

  7. Hi mummy could u share where u bought the maze board? Many tks Joyce

    1. Hi Joyce, I got it as part of a Math set which was bought more than 2 years back. I believe that Popular bookstore / learningstore carries it too. :)


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