Thursday, August 8, 2013

Movie Turbo - Review!

With the 2 other cartoons (Monsters University & Despicable Me 2) on the big screen, I totally missed out on Turbo. It wasn't until Dumpling asked if we could catch it that I realized this was showing. Now that she's 4.5, it is always amusing to hear about the 'conversations' she has with her friends. In this instance, she was told of this movie by her cousin, my nephew, IZ. ;)

Without having read up on the show prior, I bought tickets for the family and we headed out to catch this on the Hari Raya PH. 

Traditionally, in all stories and shoes, everyone loves the underdog. It is certainly no different in this movie. From the makers of Kung Fu Panda and Magadascar, this story is all about a garden snail with a big dream - to participate and race in the world's fastest race, the Indianapolis 500. 

After a freak incident where he was suddenly infused with turbo charged speed (amongst other special 'abilities' such has having an 'inbuilt' radio & stereo system, reverse sensors and headlights!) Turbo finds that no dream is too big. With the help of some friends and 'racer' snails, he finally has a chance in making his dream come true as he takes on other racers in the Indianapolis 500.

Dumpling loves the movie and surprisingly, the hubs and I like it too. We found ourselves rooting for the likeable snail as he overcame obstacles after obstacles to enter the competition and to race. There were also physical comic moments in the show that suited young kids. I also liked the inclusion of Turbo's well meaning brother - a realist, who didn't believe in Turbo's dream and how he ended up rooting for him. 

Dumpling's words at the end of the movie - "I like that he didn't give up Mama!" That pretty much sums up the moral of the story. :)

If you still have some time over this long weekend, I'd say give this movie a go! :) 

Visit the official website and there are tabs at the right side where there are activities for the kids to do! :)

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