Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Outdoor Fun! A morning date with the frogs!

Just about a month before the haze hit us so badly and before the dengue cases started rising, the family took the opportunity to drive out to Sunggei Buloh area, particularly the farms. We are not new to the Kranji Heritage Trail having visited Bollywood Veggies numerous times as well as having done a staycation at the Kranji Resort too. It was a weekly visit for us for a while before we got so busy with work and socials. 

So on a nice Saturday morning and just 30 mins drive from our place and we arrived at... 

:: A bit of background
Jurong Frog Farm was started in 1981 by Mr. Wan Bock Thiaw where the focus was very much on farming American Bullfrogs. That morning when we visited, his youngest daughter was there (who tends to the place and works there full time). 

The father-daughter team then looked into R&D and marketing of Hashima Jelly and the company now sells bottled Hashima jelly and Frog Essence (which I have yet to try). 

In the compound, besides the frog farm, there is a shop which not only sells frozen American Bullfrog meat but also sells exotic meat such as venison, which I bought a packet of but have yet to fry them.
We also spotted some educational displays on the life cycle of frogs...  (was too short to get a photo without the reflection of light)

The farm area is basically cemented blocks which house the American Bullfrogs (where the deep croaks greet you before you reach). As we started introducing amphibians to Dumpling when she was young, she was not scared of them at all. But a word of caution: we saw 2 families with wailing toddlers that morning when they saw the frogs. 

Jurong Frog Farm offers tours too but we did not go for it that morning. This is something which I will definitely be considering the next time we are there! (FYI, there is apparently a mating pond!) 

:: The 'exotic' food
Being a frog meat lover family, we ordered skewers of fried frog meat as a morning snack too. 

The skewers of meat were yummy (but too salty for me) - batter was crunchy and tasty while the meat was moist even though they were deep fried. Because these are fried so they come 'piping hot' so do take care not to bite into it immediately lest you burn your tongue. 

(For those keen on frying your own frog meat, the shop sells the flour used for the batter in addition to selling frozen frog meat too. If fried food is not for you, here's our recipe on "Gong Bao Frog Legs".)

Dumpling loving the meat as much as I do... 

But my favourite item there? The ready-boiled Hashima Jelly. Yes yes yes, I know what Hashima jelly is but I am not at all turned off by it. :p 

An instagram pic shared that morning: Dumpling about to tuck into Hashima Jelly

And if you do not already know, here's some benefits of Hashima Jelly! 

And after you are done? Sinks are provided for easy cleaning / washing too! Gotta love their wall art! :) 

Keen to visit?

Here's more details:
51 (Plot 56)
Lim Chu Kang Lane 6
Singapore 718864

T: 6791 7229

Opening hours:
Tuesday - Friday (Strictly By Appointment only)
Saturday, Sunday and Public Holidays (9.00am - 5.30pm)

This is part of an Outdoor Fun series where I aim to share posts on 'places to go' and 'things to do' with the kiddos. :)


  1. Interesting visit to a frog farm. Must bring my kids too one of these days.

    1. I am trying to arrange for a farm trip for the homelearning group soon! :) Let me know if you wanna join us then Dominique


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