Friday, June 21, 2013

No haze indoor fun - Friday Five!

With the weekend around the corner and the haze NOT going away anytime soon, here's some activities to keep your little ones engaged!

1) Cardboard FUN - Make a robot photo frame for dad to bring to work! 
Total activity time: approx. 1 hour 

Dumpling did this craft at Kids' Gallery booth at the recent SmartKids Asia. You can easily replicate it too!

Look for boxes around the house - all you need is just one box which is one a good size. Use the flaps for the neck and arms and the sides for the face and body. Cut out a rectangle from the flap for a body and paint over. Embellish with buttons, sequins, felt and draw on the eyes.

2) Bring out all the old toys and set up a shop! 
Total activity time: approx. 60 mins - 90mins (depending on number of kids, items sold, etc. ;p) 

Nothing beats imaginative play - start digging through the storeroom and bring out "old toys" / cookery set. You will be amazed how much fond memories it brings back for both you and the kiddos!

3) Make a easy and healthy fruit juice Popsicle! 
Total activity time: approx. 30 mins 

If you have fresh fruit juice, all the more better. If you do not, you can use ready ones sold in cartoons. Get your kiddo to use a wooden / plastic knife (children should be supervised at all times!) to help with the cutting of fruits where you can add to the juice that extra yummilicious fruity bite!

4) Dig for kits!
Total activity time: approx. 30 - 40 mins to excavate and another 15 mins to wash and assemble 

I do not know about you but Dumpling has received many many kits over the years - from Art kits to Science kits and to Excavation kits for her birthdays. I have a habit of not using them immediately but instead, keep them for a 'rainy' day. Well, while we certainly can do with some rain now but this hazy period is certainly an apt time to use them. :) 

No kits? No problem - here's a simple science experiment you can do with just an egg and some vinegar

5) Games and Puzzles!
Total activity time: approx. 30 - 60 mins for each game 

Toys such as board games, puzzles, etc., are often the best in engaging the little ones where it helps to also nurture their imagination and creativity. 

 In the meantime, stay healthy and safe during this period - load up on water and Vitamin C and, keep your windows closed!

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