Sunday, June 9, 2013

iTheatre - The Enormous Turnip Review

It is definitely the season of theatrical productions with us attending a total of no less than 4 plays in the last 2 months with a few more to come! Having an enjoyable time at The Magic Porridge Pot 2 weeks back, Dumpling and I were back again his morning at Sarkies Road to catch The Enormous Turnip!

We arrived bright and early and managed to catch a fringe activity this time where the story is about a little girl called Chloe who loves to dance! :)

Dumpling decided in the morning that she wanted to go wearing her tiara and so...

When her good friend R arrived, I could not resist taking some photos of the girls :) (Note: both girls LOVE necklaces!) 

:: The play
The entire play was about 55 mins long. I personally enjoyed this production better than the Magic Porridge Pot. The story is extended a bit from the original version with the farmers (the Diggories) who dreamt about growing an enormous turnip, winning a prize and getting rich.

Along the way came Eek the mouse and sprouted what was an unlikely friendship between him and Mr. Diggory. A mysterious magician then appeared and gave some enchanted turnip seeds to Mr. Diggory which went on to grow into an enormous turnip!

The songs are catchy and what I enjoyed most was definitely the interactions with the audience. Dumpling was so excited at one point when she saw the turnip 'sprouting' that she yelled "morning" and pointed to the newly grown turnip (to Mr Diggory) who, without missing a beat, replied with a "good morning" right back!

There was also audience participation where children were encouraged to not only pipe in and chant with the actors but to go onstage to "pull, heave, tug and yank" the turnip. 

I personally like that there were underlying messages and lessons about honesty and how every little being, no matter how small, (like Eek) is able to make a difference. What I also noted was how much the parents enjoyed the adult humor in the production where localized jokes were made and how many of us are familiar with the small squabbles between the Diggories. At one point, the mummies were definitely laughing louder than our girls!

Another highlight of the morning was where the girls had a chance to have their photos taken with Mr. and Mrs. Diggory and Eek! :) We are definitely looking forward to the next 2 productions by iTheatre!

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