Monday, June 3, 2013

For the fun and love of reading - Chinese books: 小小孩影院

As most of you are aware, Dumpling attends Chinese classes and I homeschool the rest. However, like all languages, I believe in the 'use it or lose it' phrase so I am also very mindful that the home environment plays an important part. Hence we read and read a lot and I do try to read 1-2 Chinese titles with her daily (on weekdays) to support that exposure with simple titles such as this when she was young. 

Through reading, I believe that Dumpling builds up a wider range of vocabulary. These days she is more expressive and says things such as "我用我的牛力,他向着我扑过来",etc. Hence I believe in stocking up on good books. 

I personally like fairy tales as the stories are usually fun and interesting. In this post, I would like to share with you a series of titles that Dumpling enjoys ever since she was young. 

This series consists of many titles and includes many of the famous tales such as:
《皇帝新衣》Emperior's New Clothes
《白雪公主》 Snow White
《小红帽》 Little Red Riding Hood
《拔萝卜》The Enormous Turnip
《三只小猪》Three Little Pigs, etc. 

What Dumpling enjoys are that the stories are short and simple yet the illustrations, bright and colourful. Instead of the usual drawings, the illustrations are actually that of clay figurines, giving it a 3D feel. :)  

The figurines also spot cute features - Grandma with a toothy grin, wolf with big googly eyes, etc. Though I am not a big fan of Han Yu Pin Yin, for parents who need a little help along, it has that above the text. 

The storyline is also kept simple and easily digestible so that young children are able to grasp it easily...

What I also like is that in the series, it consists of lesser known titles such as:
《渔夫和金鱼>>, <<司马光>>

which explain on values such as perseverance, contentment, etc. 

I feel that this series is suitable for even up to 6YO: as a read aloud resource when the child is young and for the child to attempt to read during the K1/K2 years. 

In case you are keen to find out more, I bought this series of titles from Dangdang and went through a Spree Organiser as the collection point is very near my place. 

Till my next post, "Happy reading and have a blessed  week ahead!"

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