Friday, March 8, 2013

Foodie Fridays! 一片面包闯天下!

I happily proclaim that as part of my 10min breakfast challenge, I have successfully made the transition to wholemeal bread with Dumpling!

How did we do it? 3 ways!

1) Milo Kor-song (hot chocolate drink)
We started off with giving her some time to get used to the texture by treating it first as 'soft' food - dipping it in diluted Milo Kor-song! (Without added sugar)

2) Mix of white and brown
When I first added added it to her bento box, we used a mix of white and brown in the first week: that is when I made mini sandwiches, white bread goes on top while the brown bread will be the bottom slice

3) Butter / margarine
The last trick was that I added a bit of butter / margarine so that the texture is smoother and the bread, less dry :) (If your kiddos like veggies in their sandwiches, you can add that too as that gives the bread moisture)

And of course, having fun designs like these help (her mystery bento boxes are apparently a topic amongst her friends in her daily Chinese class)

真是不错!这就是我的密方: 一片面包闯天下!

Bento, Breakfast for Kids


  1. Love the cheese design on the bread~ Congrats on getting her to eat wholemeal bread =)

    1. Hur hur, thanks. I am especially happy about it because I prefer brown to white personally! :p

  2. Ah! Your post came at the most perfect time!
    I've been trying to convert the little one and his daddy to eat wholemeal bread quite unsuccessfully :( Xan once had a mild allergy reaction to mix grain bread around his mouth. I still don't know which grain but well, we gotta keep trying until we know right? I'm going to try your tips next week!

    1. Ohhh, allergy reaction? Then it will be a bit of trial and error. Let me know how you go with the attempt! Good luck!


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