Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Pledging our love - Tau Huey, Tau Huey!

Dumpling loves dessert. Her sweet tooth is as bad as the man's and it is definitely his genes because I do not have a sweet tooth at all preferring my cheese to chocolates and Yu Sheng porridge to Pancakes.

Being the Nazi mum that I am, I am very fussy her choice of snacks and this is especially so when I rarely snack. The only 2 desserts which I actually like are Ice Cream and Tau Huey .

So I made the "sacrifice" to share some sugar with her and bought her a tub of Tau Huey this morning as a surprise for her after I pick her up. I had my camera ready for the moment and here she is! ABSOLUTELY DELIGHTED. :)

The silky smooth texture of the bean curd and the sweet after taste. I love mine chilled where it slides down the throat, especially on a hot afternoon. What's not to love about Tau Huey?

Nothing warms my heart as much as seeing the happy faces on my little one :) We certainly love this local delight, what about you?

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