Wednesday, July 11, 2012

It's all about LOVE!

I sometimes forget how quickly time slips by. As one in the workforce, I get caught up in the daily tasks, meetings and deadlines. As a parent, I get caught up in my parenting duties - the routines, the meals, the doc appointments, the PV reg. date and processes (lol), etc.

So as a mum, I try to slow down and connect. Amongst some of things that I do are the "disconnect to connect" moments (where I am away from the laptop and my phone to enjoy the moments with the little one) and my "love notes".

'Cos as a mum, it is not just the academics for me. It is also about giving Dumpling words of affirmation, words of love. I slip in these notes into her bag almost on a daily basis to let her know that she is being thought of, to provide words of encouragement, etc.

What are your love words for your little one(s) today?

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