Friday, March 16, 2012

My Friday Mad Mum Moments

Mad mum moments are what I call my post epidural moments.

I used to have a really great memory before childbirth and so I am definitely putting the blame on epidural for this one. Being a FTWM (full time working mum), this is my schedule: rushing for client meetings and meeting deadlines, check through and replying to emails during dinner time, homeschool my child after that AND THEN read up / research on more homeschooling ideas / resources after my child goes to bed. That's the kind of mad moments I have.

Some of my friends ask me how do I juggle, well, I don't. The rhythm goes out of sync once in a while. This is the proof: I dug my bag for my laptop and this is what I found. Ha ha ha

Legos anyone?

So, I am not going to tell you some BS that "yes, you can handle it all and it all comes naturally." I do mess up once in a while and I do have my MMMs. I am not a superwoman and I am not perfect.

BUT I do my best. And if my best is gonna end up with a packet of legos in my bag once in a while (or my Urban Decay Naked Palette in my Dumpling's bag), it is fine. I am a FTWM and I try to manage and managing does not mean I have to be perfect.

Anyone wanna have a laugh together at the end of a work week? What are your Friday MMMs? Do share! I would like to explore doing a linky party too - TGFMMM so let me know your thoughts.


  1. I went to the ATM today, and I realised (while I was in the ladies, to my utter horror!) that I didn't take the cash after I took out my card.

    Rushed back to the machine, and there was this lady who was holding out a wad of notes, standing near the machine, looking around. She saw me, broke into a huge smile, and exclaimed: "You forgot your money!"

    I couldn't thank her enough, and walked away with a mixture of disbelief at myself, and thinking that meeting such a kind soul really, really, made my day.

    I've never been an absent minded person and like yourself, I have always had a photographic memory prior to the bub. I don't know if it can be attributed to epidural though, since I didn't have that, but I know that I've had lots of MMMs since I got pregnant!

  2. Actually I forgot to mention that I was busy 'talking' to the boy on the phone when I made the withdrawal!

  3. Yours is classic Regina! If you were need to leave a wad of cash with someone, think of me! Dumpling's foundation! :p


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