Sunday, February 26, 2012

Quiet time

Quiet moments are such bliss though hard to come by as my little busy Dumpling zooms from one thing to another. But once in a while, I do get my 10-30mins "me" time when Dumpling is busy with these...

Pretend Play - from Mother Garden's Doctor kit 

We made this cupboard" on our own using an old cardbox. Here she is playing "shopkeeper"

I readily have A3 pieces of paper on standby as it is very useful when Dumpling wants to doodle or right since she is still developing her motor skills and her letters / pictures are usually quite large in size

This is what she did with broken crayons

One of her favourite quiet time activities - reading

I leave ready art supplies on her table - popsicle sticks, tape, playdoh, marker, etc. where she has easy access to them. Here she created a Pterosaur when I was surfing on my iPhone

Whiteboard and non toxic markers are also in close proximity. Am quite blessed that she has not drawn anything on the wall except twice when she was much younger

During snack time, I'd provide her with some odd and end food items and she gets to create creatures / monsters, etc., out of them. Makes snack time all the more interesting. :)

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