Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Giveaway: Singapore Repertory Theatre's Little Red Riding Hood 《小红帽》

After successfully staging it in English, SRT’s The Little Company now presents Red Riding Hood in Mandarin. Dumpling and I caught the English production some years ago and we loved the songs.

Red Riding Hood is an uplifting story about a brave girl named Red who must journey through the forest to reunite her family and save Mother’s bakery from closing down.

Like the original story, Big Bad Wolf spotted Red midway… Will she reach Grandma’s house in time? Or will the charming Big Bad Wolf distract her from her quest? Join Red on her adventure into the woods, where no one is what they seem!

Red Riding Hood

Having watched all of SRT's previous Chinese productions, I’d expect this to be filled with humour, packed with original music and exposing children to a good vocabulary bank! This is a fantastic show to be enjoyed by children and adults of all ages and I am pleased to share that I have a family set of 4 tickets to give away!

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: Terms and Conditions
1.                   These tickets will be to the 29 July, 11.00am show
2.                   The winner is to collect the tickets at the box office, minimally                           30mins before showtime.
3.                   Tickets are not exchangeable for cash or for other dates.
4.                   Please remember to leave a comment below on "Which fairy                           tale would you like to watch in Mandarin and why?"
5.                   The giveaway is not endorsed, associated with administrated                           by Facebook.                  
6.                   As the play takes place in Singapore, this giveaway is opened                         only to Singapore Residents. GOOD LUCK! 

Can't wait for the giveaway results? You can purchase tickets here

And here's a trailer to share:

:: Venue

Disclaimer: The giveaway is kindly sponsored by Singapore Repertory Theatre. We are not compensated for the post. All opinions expressed are entirely ours.

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  1. Would love to watch Three Little Pigs in Mandarin coz it is my girl favourite story.

    FB : Grace Ng

  2. Thanks for the giveaway! We'd love to watch the fairytale "Pinnochio" or "Snow white" in mandarin!

    - ee jia

  3. would love to watch the boy who cried wolf in Chinese as my kids love this story so so so much!!

  4. Will love The Three Little Pigs 🐷 which our family love and enjoy . But of course this Little Red Riding Hood is also one of our favourites too!!!

  5. Will love to watch The Three Little Pigs as my kids and I love this story alot. Everyday I would read this story to them but in English version. With this story narrates in Mandarian in a fun and interactive show, my kids would be well verse in both language and have indepth interest in cultivating them to read, explore and learn more for better creavity and enriching mind.

  6. I hope to watch Three Little Pigs in mandarin with my kids because it's just a popular fairy tale in my times and yet I have not introduce it to my kids therefore I hope to watch it with them and teach them the moral of the story!

  7. We'd love to watch The Emperor's New Clothes (国王的新衣).
    Love the moral of the story
    - people should be willing to speak up if they know the truth, even if they think that everyone else will laugh at them,
    - people should not believe things without empirical evidence and
    - that children speak the truth.

  8. Would like to watch 小红帽 little red riding hood seriously because it's my girl first fairy tale.

    Fb ivy lock

  9. I wish to watch Cinderalla :)
    Fb: Kadice Chong

  10. I would love to watch The Frog prince in chinese
    Fb: Joanne yeo

  11. My kids will love to see Goldilocks and the 3 bears in chinese.

  12. 「國王的新衣」是安徒生最讓人發笑,最讓人深思,又最能激發孩子思考的故事。因為它跟一般童話不一樣,它用看似簡單的情節,提出複雜的疑問,引起孩子的好奇,想解開層層疑惑……

    FB : Geraldine Goh

  13. 3 little pigs in mandarin! They love this story and will be excited to catch the play on stage!

    Fb chengling tan

  14. My girl like to watch Little Red Ridinghood since young. Even for her school show and tell, she tell Little Red Ridinghood story and act it out and she dressed up like one. Hope to win and bring her to watch. She like this story because she learnt that one's have to be honest.Facebook: susan tan, og: susantan1506

  15. The honest wood cutter. Children can learn that being honest often comes with a reward.
    Fb Julie tan
    Ig tanjulie27

  16. Would like to watch the Nightingale in Chinese. After all, the story is set in the imperial palace of China.

    Robert Sim,

  17. I would like to watch Pinnochio in Mandarin because it is a gender neutral classic fairy tale that teaches the important value of honesty.

  18. This comment has been removed by the author.

  19. I hope to watch Little Red Riding Hood because it teaches values about filial piety, courage and trust. As an aging society, I see it especially important to inculcate values of respect to the elders and responsibility towards them.

    FB name: Eli Feng
    IG: theboredellie

  20. Would like to watch tortoise and the hare in Chinese because We like the moral of the story.

  21. I would like to watch Red Riding Hood in Chinese because it is my childhood favourite fairy tale.

    Khor Lee Ling

  22. Would love to see Chang E and Hou Yi played out in beautiful Chinese costumes and setting

  23. Would love to catch The Three Little Pigs in mandarin because it would be so easy for kids as youmg as two years old to relate!
    The kids likes reading alot, they will be so happy to watch the stories come alive!

    Awesome giveaway!
    Fb: chris lee
    Ig: chrisjinbusy

  24. We will really like to see Pinocchio in Mandarin. It's a funny character kids love and yet learns the importance of honesty.

    Angela Goo-Chong

  25. Would love to watch The Three Little Pigs in Mandarin because it was our childhood classic story! My two children love the story too !
    Furthermore, it’s in Mandarin, the plus special point.
    Children get to listen in Mandarin and especially nowadays almost the children speak in English!

    FB: New Siaw Hoon

  26. Would love to watch Three Little Pigs! One of my girl Favourite must read story before she bedtime.

    FB: Hazel Ser

  27. This comment has been removed by the author.

  28. I would love to watch Ugly Duckling because it's been such an inspirational story for me since young. I think there's a lot of values we can teach in the story such as inclusivity and resilience. It also reminds children that even when facong setback, things will become better if we keep the faith.

    FB - Ellie Pang
    IG - pangellie

  29. Little Red Riding Hood :)
    We have not watch any play in Mandarin before. I t will be interesting & nice to watch this story that I have been reading during my childhood with my family.
    FB: JingRong Loh

  30. it will be great to see Pinocchio live on stage!
    Joeanne Shim

  31. I love to see Rumpelstiltskin. It will be a fun performance to watch!
    Teo Yee Long

  32. We would like to watch The Three Little Pigs in Mandarin because my child loves this story very much. We read this story in English. It would be educational and fun to watch this story in Mandarin.
    FB: Kaye Wong

  33. FB name- Evilyn TanJune 10, 2017 at 9:52 AM

    I hope to watch The Frog Prince because I think the children will be very amazed when the frog becomes a prince. The story is very meaningful because children can learn about not judging people by their looks. It also reminds us to keep our promises to others. Even though the princess was very reluctant at first, her kind actions towards the frog was rewarded by true love of the prince.

  34. 拔萝卜or司马光,one of the first few story book i read to my boys when i exposed them to mandarin story books :)

  35. We would love to watch The Little Red Riding Hood in chinese as it is one of my daughter's favorite story!

  36. I would love to catch Cinderella in Chinese because it's also one of my little girl's Favourite fairy tales!❤️

    FB: Priscilla Quek

  37. My daughter like the "Snow White and the seven dwarfs", she love the song "Home from work we go"sung by the Dwarves .

  38. 最想看以中文呈现的小红帽,本身小时候没读也没看过中文版,其他的故事、寓言则大致上有。

    FB: Elva Lo


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