Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Giveaway! ITheatre's Poultry Tales!

Comes end of April, it will be a farmyard tale of the best (poultry) kind!

I Theatre

A brand new and interactive musical performance incorporating three famous feathered friends – the stars of three classic tales:

~ The Goose That Laid the Golden Eggs, and her greedy owner;
~ The Little Red Hen, with bread to bake, but lazy friends;
~ and Chicken-Licken - with that scary acorn!

This talkative trio of feathered friends will sing, dance, show and tell you their tales and give you a peek into the world of Theatre Stage from the inside out.  

The wild and wacky characters and well-known folk tales are presented in fun ways that help us to understand both the themes and morals, but along the way also reveal valuable secrets of how a Musical is made!

The play will explore key themes of: 
  • Cooperation,
  • Rewards for hard work,
  • Knowing who to trust,
  • Disbelieving rumours,
  • The Dangers of Avarice
  • The dangers of judging others
  • How a theatre play is staged and the roles of backstage crew

I am pleased to share that I have 2 x family set of tickets to give away!

:: Terms and Conditions
1.                   These tickets will be to the 30 April 10.30am show
2.                   Winner is to collect the tickets directly from I Theatre office @ 27 Kerbau Road by 27 April (no onsite collection is allowed) during office hours.
3.                   Tickets are not exchangeable for cash or for other dates.
4.                   Please remember to leave a comment below on "Which Poultry character you like best and why?"
5.                  The giveaway is not endorsed, associated with administrated by Facebook.                  
6.          As the play takes place in Singapore, this giveaway is opened only to Singapore Residents. GOOD LUCK! 

Can't wait for the giveaway results? You can purchase tickets here!

:: Event Date
Sat, 29 Apr - Sun, 14 May 2017
10.30am & 2pm

:: TICKET PRICES (Not including SISTIC Fees):                                                     

Standard Ticket
Family Package (4 Persons)
Big Family Package (5 Persons)
Corporate Groups (min 20 persons)

:: Venue
Disclaimer: The giveaway is kindly sponsored by I Theatre. We are not compensated for the post. All opinions expressed are entirely ours.

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  1. For me, it’s the goose that lays the golden eggs. because it teaches contentment, gratitude and not to be greedy – all important lessons in this age of self-gratification and self-entitlement.


  2. I like the goose. Coz it important to impart children from young the important values of gratitude, contentment. Be thankful for what we have !

    FB : Grace Ng
    email : nctgrace@yahoo.com

  3. The goose. Must learn to be content and treasure what you have.


  4. The goose. Must learn to be content and treasure what you have.


  5. The hen cos I love to bake too!

    FB name: Karis See-Tan

  6. Lurv the goose coz it's important to teach kids on appreciation & gratitude

    Fb name : tellmarcia2

  7. I like Little Red Hen because she embodies good work ethics that I want to inculcate in my children.


  8. I like a goose lay a golden egg as it teaches the child gratitude and not greedy which I would like to intro to my child

  9. I like the red HEN most.. it teaches a child to be firm in saying 'NO' cos no contribution equals no entitlement.

  10. Hot favourite Goose cause gratitude is harder to teach kids in real life. Which I personally feel is important for all kids to have to be succesful.

  11. Goose. Contentment is important but a hard virtue. Your mind got to be strong to know what is enough. Hope to win the tickets to bring the family.


  12. Little Red Hen is my favourite character! It is hardworking and self-reliant and reaps the fruits of its labour after that!

    FB name: Han Hui Min

  13. Goose.
    It is important to teach kids love and on appreciation & gratitude

    FB : Elaine Lim

  14. The Goose as its important to teach children to be contented with what they have and not be greedy.

  15. The Little Red Hen is my favorite as this story teaches the values about cooperation and rewards for hard work. I would like to teach my children about these good values.

  16. Love thw goose! Important to be contented and not be greedy. Great values for kids.

    Chengling tan

  17. Goose!! That laid the golden eggs

  18. I like Chicken-Licken - with that scary acorn because the moral is not to follow others blindly but to always question what you are told.
    I always shared with my two children "Be our own judgement" and always believe in yourself, even if others don't."

    FB: New Siaw Hoon

  19. Our boys (2/5yrs) always love Chicken Licken story!
    They are always amused that the sky can fall (can it fall?) and the mischievous boys love the ending on how the fox eat up the animals! Oh..and the catchy name that rhymes with the animals..they boys love to hear!
    We hope to win the tickets so that the boys can watch the story comes alive and how the fox ate up the animals (*opps opps)
    Facebook: Sherryl Chng

    1. Thank you so much for the tickets! The boys will be thrilled to watch the stories comes alive...in front of their eyes!

  20. The Goose that lay the golden eggs because it teaches not to be greedy and be contented with what we have.

    Facebook: Evelyn Ng

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