Friday, November 16, 2012

Photo *Heart* Fridays! Playgym!

Yup, am in a playgym. And yes, am the photographer for this shot. So yesh, for my child, I squeezed all the way thru a tunnel which I swear has about 30" allowance. And yeah, I sometimes have as much fun as her!


  1. psstt...there is the vertical tunnel you should try. with steps on opposite direction. you got to wriggle like a worm upward and downward. try it with other kids waiting for turn while semi-stuck =P. Than make them giggle by saying, sorry i am too big for this. and let them wait 10 minutes for you while you do a worm dance in there. =P

    1. You know my dear, I think this was the one I wriggled through at the Robertson Quay branch. Though I did not quite do the worm dance for the fear of truly getting lodged there! LOL


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