Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Birthday Blast - An M&M Affair!

For the Birthday Blast guest post this week, I have Candice who is here to share on a fun and colourful M&M affair with a way cooooool mascot (that is even up for rental!)! Read on to find out more!

After reading many other awe-inspiring DIYs done by other Moms, I think what we did was really quite easy cos we simply bought whatever that we cannot make. ;)

Read here for the origins of the nick - M&M which we gave our firstborn before he had a name. Thus, the idea of having an M&M-theme birthday party for our firstborn.

I came up with an M&M-inspired birthday logo which was used for printing on the balloons (in M&M colors)

the gift tags (in M&M colors),

paper for caricature drawing.

I didn't have time to prepare much for the goodie bags, so we gave away M&M cups to our little guests who came to celebrate Thaddeus' birthday. And for something more personalized, I had a caricature artist to draw the kids individually so that they could keep the drawing. But not before I scanned a copy for myself so that I could compile it for Thaddeus to see when he's old enough.

It was my initial plan to have her draw each kid with my son but she said it was not possible. The bummer was that she couldn't use the paper I had personalized with our logo because the orientation was different. (Please note to always check with the artist on this!)

The highlight of our M&M party has gotta be our mascot. That's the one you see in the above photo with Debra's son standing next to it! We couldn't find one that we can rent after searching on local and overseas websites. Finally, the husb gave up and decided to custom-make one for his beloved son's party! It ain't cheap but the quality is awesome. There is a fan inside which keeps the person well-ventilated. Our friendly neighbour, who is a great little buddy of the husb's, helped to wear the mascot throughout the party and went around taking photos with the kids.

The husb and I were dressed in M&M tops while our birthday boy was in a M&M onesie. We had a M&M cake which tasted better than it looked!

Nothing M&M inspired about the toys except they were all as colorful as the M&Ms. The kids whom we invited are between the age of 0-4 years old, so we tried to cater toys to the different age groups.

The indoor play area is more for the 18-month-olds while the outdoor play area is for bigger kids.

We shifted the furniture around to make more space for the kids and parents. Rented a couple more toys from Rent That Toy!.

Most other toys are from my nephew's collection, including the kids' pool! The balloons doubled up as toys as most young toddlers are fascinated by balloons.

There, our first party for our firstborn! It is a theme that is relatively easy to put together since most items can be easily bought from physical/online stores.

Balloons/printing - www.balloonbaron.com.sg
Caricature - www.cartoon.sg
M&M cups and clothes - candylicious
M&M cake - Pine Garden's
Mascot - we are open to rent it out!

Read original posts on party here:
Thaddeus' M&M Birthday Party - the works

I'm Candice, a full-time working mother. I count my two kids - a 22mo son and a 6mo daughter, and a very supportive husband as my greatest blessings. Because of the tender young age my kids are of right now, we shower them with as much time and attention as we possibly can. Hence, our weekends are very precious commodity for us to spend together as a family. In my little pockets of me-time (if I do find any!), I do non-momsy stuff like blog, catch up with girlfriends, and do heaps of online shopping. 

This is the part of a Birthday Blast series where some blogger mums share their birthday party planning tips and ideas. Coming up next is Mary who will be a watermelon themed party!


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