Thursday, November 1, 2012

A Man and a Woman, a Mum versus a Dad

I think that the husbands of Type A personality wives may have it tougher. After reading Justina's post, it made me ponder over the subtle differences in parenting styles. 

As you know I am a typical Type A. Full of energy and I need to potter around because I just cannot stand the thought of "wasting" time doing well, simply nothing. As a friend aptly puts it, even the style of Yoga that I prefer is the high intensity type - one breath, one movement. LOL

Because of this, I am very anal over some routines and the poor hubs had it hard initially when he could not understand why I am so insistent on so many seemingly "little" issues! Here's a look at our "differences":

The man
1. Honey, she needs to go down for nap. STAT! Otherwise, she’d go down late tonight and the cycle repeats itself the next day. And, it will be a vicious cycle!

1. It is ok. She can always sleep in the car and if she did not rest enough, well, then she will know better the next time.
2. Oh dear, you gave her this soup? Herbal chicken soup? This same one with alcohol in it? *face palm*

2. Oops! It is yummy so I thought she should try it.
(Dumpling was laughing a tad too much and singing off key in the background by this time. And yes, it is the alcohol in the soup because IT HAPPENED A SECOND TIME!)

3. OK, enough, the Lego set is meant for her. It is her birthday gift!

3. But I am just demonstrating and showing her how to put the pieces together!

4. And the song choices… where do I start? It does not even spell the words right!?!?

4. (both singing to the car stereo)
L.U.V Madonna, Y.O.U you wanna????

The piece that topsit all? Our definition of meals…'s Talkative Thursdays

Disclaimer: Dumpling was not harmed in any way by the hua tiao jiu in the herbal soup though mummy Sue may have been traumatized by her off pitch key.


  1. when my 3yo kid cousin tried drunken chicken (don't ask me, I was only 9 then..) she apparently really lost it and started hugging and kissing my dad (usually terrified of him) and crawling alllll over the car and decided to crawl behind the backseats, huddled up beside the rear windscreen and fall asleep there. Hilarious but yet not quite either.

    So I think dumpling's off pitch singing is ok! :)

    1. Lol, your Aunt and Uncle must be a very relaxed couple! I heard that the alcohol is supposed to vaporize but that doesn't seem to be true!

  2. Haha that was a funny post. Well I woud say that me and hubby have similar parenting methods. Or it could be that I will get him to comply with my ways. But nevertheless, I do think that I'm too high struing sometimes and sweat over too much. So having a more chillax daddy is good too.

    1. You must be a very persuasive person Susan. Yes my hubs is a much more chillax person when it comes to these things but workaholic though. Lol. I am definitely the high strung one. :p

  3. hahahahhahahahaa... hilarious lah you.

    1. Pam, really! I created that ecard for this post coz that's really what happens at times coz he's a 'snacker'!

  4. Lol!!! Identify identify! Many a times I've had to step in about choc biscuits and overdosing on dino shows... ;) guess we really come from different planets! ;)

    1. Lol, yes we really are quite different from the man. :) thanks to your post, it inspired me to think a bit more. Ke ke


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