Friday, October 5, 2012

Where God leads, there He sustains

It has been a week since I stopped work. Errands have taken up a fair bit of my time. But during the quiet moments at night, I do wonder what God has in plans for me. I have been praying over the direction in my life and taking my time to weigh my options (hence I did not rush into a few other offers that I received so far). 

Many friends have asked me what my plans are and what I intend to do. I often get fairly amazed looks when I said that I have not figured it out yet. LOL. Of course, I do get a bit anxious at times but I try to remind myself to release these anxieties to God. It was not until I saw a friend's Facebook update that I became much calmer and much more at peace. 

"Where God leads, there He sustains."
(Thank you San, you have no idea how that message resonated with me.) :) 

I brought Dumpling for her annual photoshoot this afternoon (will share more in another post) and her totally rocking it certainly made my day. I was laughing heartily at her antics and "poses". I was reminded once again that while I am a SAHM for the moment, I might as well enjoy it! 

So, let's rock on! 

(Photo taken at Studio Loft)

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  1. Me jeles of your SAHM status!! :)

    And C is a Daddy's girl in this instance. Rockin' the limelight!

  2. I can meet you for lunch now!!!! HOW HOW HOW? :p Oh wait, I think I will do it after Monday - after my salon visit. Seriously. PM me your number can? Then we arrange to meet on your not so busy day (just read your guest post at Jus's) and I will hop on down :)


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