Thursday, October 11, 2012

Spanking new look!

Yes, I finally did it! I finally gave this blogsite a much needed revamp.

When I first started blogging actively less than a year ago, the sharing was very different. As I journey through life balancing my many roles, I realised that my sharing in this blog has changed too. I wanted a new look for my blog but more than that, I wanted a clearer voice. 

It was a soul searching journey for me as I took a step back. The revamp is a more than just a new "look" and selection of colours and font. I kept things quiet for a while, thinking through and hard about what I wanted to communicate in this humble space of mine. 

Each element here reflects certain bits of me - my personality, my style, my voice. So to celebrate this new look, I would like to do my first ever giveaway! 

As we are embarking on a composer study unit homeschool theme for the moment, I would like to give away a BRAND NEW copy of "Getting to Know the World's Greatest Composers - Peter Tchaikovsky". 

Dumpling loves this series as the cartoons in it are hilarious (some adult humour too!). From a homeschooling perspective, it delivers the information in a short succinct manner without getting too "dry". It is suitable for a read aloud for the younger kids and perhaps up to 7 - 8 YO for independent reading. :)

Here's a review from the Amazon page (link as above): 

All of the Getting to Know the World's Greatest Composers books are good. Tchaikovsky's is full of information AND the funniest cartoons! I read it before I read it to my daughter and I laughed out loud while learning at the same time - Moviemaniac

How do you win this?

1) Click here to like my Beanie N Us SG Facebook page
2) Leave a comment on this page (no more than 3 sentences) of what this new design / various elements say or mean to you. :) 

Terms and Conditions:
1) The winner will be randomly drawn via
2) Contest is from now and end at 31 Oct 2359 hours
3) Contest is only limited to Singaporeans (as this includes free normal postage)
4) Results will be announced on this blog as well as on the Beanie N Us SG Facebook page


  1. Congrats on your New Look! :) It's fresh, vibrant and spontaneous - says a lot about who you are as a Mommy and your style of parenting. Liked your FB page too.

  2. Love the more vibrant look of this new design.

  3. Love this fresh new look! And the tree of hearts too! :D

  4. Spanking koolicious!
    Love the vibrant colors and kool reads :)!

  5. Liked your FB page :)
    Congratulations on your new look, it is pleasing and I love the colours :)

  6. The new look is very sweet and I like the colour combination. Well the Tree tell me that Tree represent the mother and the little hearts represents children. Lol

    The Tree catches my attention. ;)

  7. Love how it's colourful, yet clean. Lovely!

  8. You say "Journeying with my heart on the sleeve" - so the tree to me is like your sleeve/shirt, and the hearts on the tree signify the varied feelings you have about this journey of motherhood :)

  9. i just discovered your blog, and enjoyed your posts so much that I have been digging into your achives!

    The new combi of colours speak of someone with creativity, a good sense of aesthetics and someone who loves to do art and craft. As for the tree, i think thr growing branches symbolise the 'journey' of motherhood, the personal growth that you experience during this journey - with the hearts hanging from the branches symbolising that open expression and sharing of all the emotions and thoughts that you experience during motherhood.

  10. I really like the tree and the hearts logo! So nurturing and sweet and somewhat has a magical and musical touch to it !!


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