Monday, October 22, 2012

My BIG Birthday Weekend!

I had a ball of a time on the weekend of my birthday and thank you so much to those of you who posted on my FB and left me such wonderful wishes. 

It is sort of hard to recap the activities we did but I basically visited the Harry Potter exhibition (a "must visit" for Dumpling and I before it is gone) and we had a great lunch at Triple Three. 

The Harry Potter Exhibition is a must-visit for us because we enjoyed the movies and for me, the series a lot. It was just surreal to see the artifacts here that were in the movies. Additionally, for Dumpling, she decided (yes, it was HER who decided and requested for it), that she will have a Harry Potter themed birthday this year. So the visit was also for me to get a bit of inspiration for her party too. :)

Unfortunately the exhibition did NOT allow for photography. Seriously, all these no photography rules are getting to me - first it was the Titanic and now Harry Potter. Grrrrrrr... 'Cos some of the artifacts there were just awesome! 

Anyhow, Dumpling being a Harry Potter fan was dressed very appropriately for the occasion:

Here are some more shots while we were queuing to get in 

And one of from the wizard's chess which was absolutely gorgeous!

And of course our parting shot in front of Hogwarts! :)

On the next day, we went for a very yummy luncheon at Triple 3. I am not sure if you have been to Triple 3 before but that's amongst one of our favourite places for buffets. In fact, spread is so good that I will be blogging about it separately. :) 

But on the day we were there, it was Children's Day weekend and so, there were activities for the kiddos. 

Which included face painting! Dumpling wanted to try but was a little unsure so what's a mama gotta do...

Except to join in the fun! :p 

There was also a balloon sculptor for the celebration as well as a DIY cupcake making workshop! Dumpling made a cupcake for me as I was eating (and she was away with her grandaunt) but I decided to suss out the place once I was done with my food. 

I was impressed with what they had for the workshop - it was very comprehensive! There was buttercream in very pretty colours as well as a wide choice of sugar and chocolate toppings!!!! 

Dumpling decided that she wanted a go at the decoration and this time in "dots and confetti design". LOL

The team that Mandarin Orchard selected for the activities was well chosen. Apparently, they are interns but they were so patient with the kids and were really helpful. :) 2 thumbs up!

And just as we were about to go, we were told to head for a raffle so I got Dumpling to go for it. Guess what we'd won?

SWEET!!! Something fun for the kiddo and Mama Sue!!! 

Yep - my 3Xth birthday weekend was a blast and I could not be happier! 


  1. Cupcake making and face painting plus a free cooking class! Golly, best birthday every indeed. Lucky you! Happy Birthday, Alicia!

    1. Thank you Jasmine! It was a wonderful weekend! Having a kid just, well, brings out the kid in me. :p

  2. Happy 3Xth Birthday, Alicia!!! :) What a great day out, looks like you had a load of fun hehehe...

    1. Hi Pam! Yes! Too much! Overate too! :p


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