Friday, October 26, 2012

Foodie Fridays - Triple 3!

Following from the post on my birthday weekend, I wanted to share more about one of my favourite restaurants for International Buffet - Triple 3. The restaurant is located at Mandarin Orchard and I had so many shots of the spread at the place that I had to give the due diligence of dedicating a post on it. :p

There are basically 2 main "lanes" for the buffet spread. I thought that it would be nice to give a "virtual tour" of the spread. As you enter the first lane, the Cheese platter / selection is on your right with the Japanese soba station on the left.

Unfortunately they did not have any Brie / Camembert cheese that afternoon but I still found some other cheese variety to munch on. :p

Above: the soba station

This Dim sum station (which served a fixed selection of items a mix item "basket") is next to the Soba station which is then followed by...

The Indian station which has a mix of North and South Indian selection :) 

Then it is my favourite station - the meats! I was in seventh heaven that morning as there was lamb, ham and beef - tenderloin AND Wagyu beef that afternoon!!!! 

There were various sauces to choose from and here's a close up of my lamb with mint sauce and some mash on the side. (In the back is the Wagyu beef - I was too lazy to walk twice so I had both on the same plate :p) and then I would be done with my meat intake

Or so I thought! (Went back for round 2 of more beef :p )

After the Indian station, as one makes a "left" turn, you will pass the sashimi station... There was a queue that afternoon so I could not get a clear shot of the station but do not fret, here's a shot of my portion. Hee hee hee...

It was absolutely divine! Fresh, juicy and "fatty". Yummmyyyyyyy

Across from the sashimi / sushi station is the seafood selection. Tada! It is definitely a must visit for seafood lovers with its choice of shellfish and crustacean. 

And thereafter it is a great spread of desserts

 From macarons (Dumpling likes it but I can't stomach all macarons; it is way too sweet for my liking!) 

to mango pudding...

to cakes...

to tiramisu!!!! (one of the few cakes I eat) and to all kids' fantasy...

chocolate fountain!

And across from the chocolate fountain was the Teppanyaki station where they had yummy beef and fresh, prawns and of course vegetables for a well-balanced diet!

Above: the prawns were fresh water prawns and were really crunchy

Dumpling had no lack of food choice either as she had soup and bread, some cheddar, a mini burger (as above), some shrimps, ham and of course, finishing her meal off with... 

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  1. ok our next "Treat Ourselves" meal will be Triple 3!!!

    Now I hate YOU! You made my day seem so bland becoz I couldn't sink my teeth into those good food *sulk*

    1. LOL, check on the promos that they have ok? DBS was having a 2 for $68 for lunch or something. Very worth it! :)

  2. Oh man reading this made me so hungry! Esp the sashimi! And I agree about macarons, way too sweet , however there are some that are nice!

    1. Jus, I actually cringe at the thought of any macarons because that's how much I dislike them. *shudders*. LOL


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