Friday, October 12, 2012

Chok with Yu Sheng

In Singapore, you know that you have stumbled upon a "treasure" when you see people queueing for food at a stall in a relatively quiet food centre.

Located just 5mins from IKEA Alexandra, I was introduced to the place by my parents many many years ago (yes, I am that old :p) where we would visit this place on Saturday mornings. 

The prices at this stall has stayed relatively flat over these years and this is good news for someone like me who can wallop the entire large plate of Yu Sheng (as Eustace said in Narnia - Prince Caspian, "I have a strong constitution" and in my case, for raw food :p). 

The chok (porridge) here is a tad grainy so it is not as smooth as the typical cantonese porridge but it is good for those who like theirs a bit textured. I had pork porridge which has about 7 - 8 minced pork balls in it. The pork balls are marinated and is flavourful albeit a tad too salty for me though the cornflour added a silky smoothness texture to it.

And believe it or not, there is a designated person at this stall who does nothing but slices fish. :p

Now, let's talk about my love.  I love raw food - Mekajiki, Salmon, Ebi, Oysters, Cockles and one of my favourite breakfast is Chok in the morning with Yu Sheng (raw fish salad). Just give me a bowl of plain porridge with pepper, sesame oil, soya sauce, spring onion and shallots on a BIG plate Yu Sheng and I am one. happy. girl. 

For $3, the portion is generous and the mix of condiments was perfect for me. The fish is fresh and slices are thin so it soaks up the soya sauce and oil perfectly. 

Just look at the translucent quality of the fish! YUMMMMZZZZ

Rui Ji Porridge

Alexandra Village Food CentreSingapore
Closed on every Monday. 
Opening hours: 730am to 10am (unless sold out earlier)
(If you were to enter from under the signage - see pic above, it is along the second row of shops)

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  1. I hate you!
    I want that chok NOW even though I just had my now-it-seems-so-dissatisfied lunch *hhmmpphhh*
    Alexandra is sooooo far away fm me >.<~~~ I shall dream of it tonight.

    1. LOL. Honestly as I was looking at the pictures, my stomached actually rumbled. I still can remember the sweet taste of the Yu Sheng. Ai yooooooo

  2. That's a really reasonable price for porridge. IT looks so yummy.

    1. Hey Dominique,

      Yes it is pretty yummy. I actually saw some other people recommending the Yu Sheng at this place on the net when I was googling the address (to no avail though). Do try it one of these days!

  3. Wow! I should be going to this place! It's quite near for me and I didn't know it exist! Thanks for the post!

    1. Hi hi!

      Thank you for dropping in! Ohhh the Yu Sheng there is really yummy!!!! You should try it out especially since you are around that area. :) Do take note that it is close on Monday!


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