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Birthday Blast - Harry Potter Cupcakes!

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Dumpling has always been a very decisive person and this includes ideas and themes for her birthdays! Except for the first year, she has been basically discussing and planning her own do with us.

Her party last year was on The Gruffalo. It was fun fun fun. Amongst some of the things which stood out were the cupcakes. We had loads of relatives and friends who raved about our cupcakes and contacted us even after the party to ask for the contact. And here’s why:

Taking into consideration that these are all 3D fondants and handcrafted on mini cupcakes, one can see how intricate the details are! 

The artists at Whips Cupcakes are so talented. All I did was to produce a printout of the various characters (all thanks to google) and they created these for us! The attention to details was just amazing!

But what totally blew me away (and I was even sharing this on my Facebook updates and with friends on what’s app a year back) was that Whips Cupcakes actually made a mock up for me of the Gruffalo before I confirmed my order! Now, how’s that for customer service?

So, when Whips Cupcakes offered to sponsor the cupcakes for Dumpling’s party this year, we were all very excited. Having placed and bought cupcakes for them over the past two years, we know that the cupcakes would be another hit and not only will they look good, they would taste great too!

Once again, we were not disappointed. 

We had a mix of 2D and 3D fondant on various cake bases

Now, how's that for attention to details? See how cute Ron's freckles are?

Here's one for the Qudditch fans ~ a Nimbus 2000 and the golden snitch? :p

Has Dumbledore ever looked cuter? :p

And of course, not forgetting the main character and the well loved sorting hat!

Close up: the team at Whips Cupcakes even added edible glitter to the fondant for that extra dash of "magic" :D

Needless to say, everyone (including the parents!) LOVED it! Everything was perfect!

Now, let’s talk about the taste test:

We had 3 different cakebases – vanilla, chocolate and red velvet topped with buttercream, lemon buttercream, cheese cream and of course the fondant. What drew me to the cupcakes initially was that they are not overly sweet and because of that, it balances well with the fondant on top. :)

I do not have a sweet tooth so I steer clear from desserts and frosted icing most of the time. So I guess that it is no surprise that my favourite from Whips Cupcakes is Red Velvet with the rich and smooth creamy cheese buttercream. Dumpling’s choices are a tie between the Chocolate AND Red Velvet. My hubs love the Vanilla base and Red Velvet too.

The cake base is moist and the texture, very fine. It tears easily yet is dense. The proportion of buttercream and cheese cream versus that of the cake base is just nice for us too as it adds a smooth buttery texture as one bites through.  

Best of all, the cupcakes come in a mini size (which is what we ordered for Dumpling’s party) which are perfect for the little ones! No more worries about that mad sugar rush and of course, the worry of wastage since the size is just nice for the kids to pop and chew.

We could not be happier with our cupcakes and the designs. As one of the guests put it “Wow, these are really good! Real wholesome, not dry and just good.”

About Whips Cupcakes:

I recently caught up with Kim, the new owner of Whips Cupcakes. (The founder of Whips Cupcakes, Maria, has relocated to the UK in September.) Kim is an ice cream lover and a cupcake enthusiast who ventured into this business after being in the corporate world for more than 20 years.

The team at Whips Cupcakes

Deciding that she needed a change, Kim scouted around for business ventures opportunity and “fell in love with Whips Cupcakes” when she first saw it.

So why cupcakes and more specifically, why Whips Cupcakes?

Kim: Cupcakes fit the bill no matter what the occasion. It also allows for more flexibility when planning parties, as there can be many flavours and designs. In addition, it saves the hassle of cake cutting.

As for why "Whips Cupcakes", I had a crush on baking recently and wanted to have a small bakery of my own and "Whips Cupcakes" is just the right size for me and what drew me to buy over this business was that I saw how happy the customers were when they purchased the lovely cupcakes and it made me happy too. 

What are the most interesting / challenging designs you have done?

Kim: That would be where we attempt to capture human features – for e.g. 3D figurines of couples based on their photos. Other challenging designs would include Disney princesses as well. 

(Source: Photos and cupcakes creations from Whips Cupcakes)

What is the vision for Whips Cupcakes moving on?

Kim: I see this as a store that is well-loved by customers and a workplace where its employees find joy working in. I also see this as a place where customers can come to us to explore and discuss together. This is because we pride ourselves as a cupcake store that specializes in customization. We try not to disappoint and turn away customers as much as we can. We have actually done custom 2D and 3D fondant orders with 24hours notice. That’s what Whips Cupcakes is committed to – a cupcake store where we will brainstorm and create with our customers. 

Fancy winning a box of yummilicious cupcakes (6 minis in a box)? Whips Cupcakes has agreed to sponsor a box each for 5 lucky winners! 

Here’s how:
1) Leave a comment on this page on why you deserve to win it
(Whips Cupcakes will select the best 5 answers – something funny / personable, etc.)
2) Click and"LIKE" Whips Cupcakes FB page
3) Click and"LIKE" Beanie N Us FB page
(Contest is for Singapore only and ends 15 November 2012. Winner will be announced on this blog site as well as on our FB pages.)

Additionally, for the month of November, quote “BEANIE N US” when you place an order with Whips Cupcakes (minimum purchase of $30) and you get 10% off! 

Icon Village (Behind Amara Hotel ~ Tanjong Pagar MRT Station)
12 Gopeng Street #01-85
Singapore 078877

Monday to Friday
11am to 6.30pm
Weekends and Public Holidays
Open for collection of orders 


  1. Love the details on the cupcakes!

    I'm a cupcake monster! I gotta have them cupcakes!

  2. oooooo! All the cupcakes do indeed look so pretty! And yes, intricate designs. Lots of hard work put in. I can appreciate. :D
    Now to enter your giveaway...
    why? why should I win?!!! Because all things dessert are my weakness. :p

  3. I deserve to win coz I love Harry Potter and so I love the Harry Potter cupcakes that were made!!! How come no Hermoine?! hahaha... The Gruffalo ones are so cute too! Whips should make clay figurines too!!! :)

  4. My boy doesn't like bread or anything soft yet . He only eats the ends of the bread & must be toasted. Yet, he's a lover of pastries, especially cupcakes. Hope he gdets to taste the wonderfully decorated cupcakes!

  5. The cupcakes look divinely YUMMY!

  6. They look really awesome!!! Wonderful! Looking forward for our little Boy's bday so we can start planning our order.

  7. Lovely cuppies =) We LOVE cuppies... hoho =D

    Wouldn't it be great if my kids can present a set of lovely cuppies for their granny who is celebrating her 62 birthday next month, Nov'12.

    My 3yo will be thrilled to give a CUTE set of cakes to his granny as he has been asking me to get a train cake for granny's birthday... hahaha =P

  8. Lovely cupcakes. Glad that your girl loved the cupcakes.

  9. As soon as my lil girl could combine words together, "cupcake" is one of those she said first. However, she has never actually tasted one before. Looking forward to her "WOW! CUPCAKES!" reaction. ^^

  10. Those cupcakes are drool worthy!

    I think I need to win some so that I can taste for myself if they are as good as they look! :)

  11. I have a sweet tooth for cupcakes...love the soft spongy feeling in my mouth & the pretty decor on the top. Yum Yum!

  12. They look so pretty! I wanna win because I love all things pretty!! :)

  13. Irene Chan-WhitlamOctober 23, 2012 at 1:29 PM

    Ohhhh cupcakes are little one favourites! She adores the Gruffalo ones when I showed her the pictures here. And not forgetting hubby who doesn't have a sweet tooth was absolutely impress when he tried them at the party! That's why I think we deserve to win! ;)

  14. Oh... The thomas the train cupcakes just touches my heart. Can I win some? If not Thomas... Just some cupcakes would do fine too. :D

  15. Pick me, please, me. Having recently cut out sweeties from my life has made me a grumpy old hag. So please, for the sake of my kids' happiness level at home, that they have a nice smiley mama again, please give me them cupcakes!

    And yes, I promise to share!

  16. I'm not greedy. I'll take one from anyone who will share. Chocolate please!!!

    Actually I'm not a cupcake fan because I much rather have CAKE. BIGGER!!!! HAHAH but these look soooooo pretty. Sure can eat or not? Looks pretty enough to stick on my fridge :p

  17. Oh, its the same supplier as last year. No wonder, I was thinking, how did Alicia source for such great cupcakes every year!

  18. I <3 Cupcakes! They're just the right size for a lovely snack and they don't add on as many pounds as a full slice of cake! :D I snack on them during busy periods cause they're easy to carry around in my bag. I myself make cupcakes but can't quite make them look as nice :P And I can only manage to make buttecream icing cause it's the easiest (which is quite sad :P)... would love to have cupcakes with fondant for a change! ;)

  19. I like cupcakes,they are small,sweet and yummy.I can pop one every time. My wallpaper is all about cupcakes and every weekend,i and my group of friends would go cupcake hunting at different cafes !

  20. Pick me pick me! These would be great addition to have for my soon to be born bubs full month party! I can already imagine what I want! Cute baby rattles, booties and the like! And all in Christmassy theme!

    Beautiful n yums! :)

  21. Pick me and my boys!! We are all graduating soon - me to a third-time mummy, my elder boy to a second=time big big kor kor, and my younger boy to a first-time kor kor. cuppies would make a lovely graduation treat! And we simply love the gruffalo cuppies which look just like the illustrations, intricate! my elder boy is completely nutty about everything gruffalo!

  22. Results have been shared here:
    Congratulations to all winners! Enjoy the yummy treat!


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