Wednesday, October 31, 2012

7 pleasures and a little me time in the land of smiles!

We were on a short vacation last week and returned yesterday. Before I headed for the vacation, I was already telling the hubs that I want to do something for myself and also spend some quality family time. 

We were at the Marriott at Mai Khao Beach and it was absolutely beautiful. As we had reinforcement (read: gramps and our helper), it was a good time for me to head out, explore, have some me time and also some quality family time. 

Here's my list of 7 pleasures to share, from the land of smiles! 

1) Appreciating nature, culture and the wonderful works of God. 

This was a sunset view at Marriott where we watched the lighting ceremony (hence the silhouette of the dancer)

2) Taking care of myself through exercising. 

I joined the resort's classes for Yoga, water aerobics (in the pool below) and did some laps when I could 

3) Shopping and window shopping :D

4) Spending time laughing, chilling and just hanging out with Dumpling

5) Lounging by the pool and getting a much needed tan! 

6) Ahem... errmmm... appreciating the food? 
(And all in the name of "research and sharing" for Jennifer's Foodie Fridays!) :p 

7) And finally, having a massage done and listening to the lulling sounds of the waves, by the sea :)

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  1. A much needed trip to energize yourself! Nice! Thanks for linking up! And I so dig the shopping. :p

    1. Thank you my dear and yes, it was indeed a much needed break! Didn't want to come back!

  2. Excuseeee-meeee har... if u put on the pound dun blame me or my linky hor LOL

    1. U see la, I can't even blog now coz Mac died! Sigh. Let me see if I can use eblogger!

  3. Replies
    1. I want to go again too!!!! It's a nice place for babymoo when he's older coz the club has loads of free activities which you can drop him off for :)

  4. gosh, i wanna go too! the gramps are not so keen on traveling though, which makes it hard for me to bring both my kids cos #2 is only 5mo. :|

    1. How old is #1? You can drop kiddos off for FOC activities, starts at 4YO though


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