Saturday, September 29, 2012

My 360 degrees and the new 20s

With my birthday round the corner, I figured that now is as good a time as ever to reflect on things a little. In my 20s, it was fun and so much of me time! I got to exercise everyday after work, went for drinks with my collegues anytime I wanted to (hello #5 Emerald Hill), midnight movies and loads of shopping. 

THEN, I became a mum. Life took on a 360 degrees change for me.

1) Alcohol moments:
Consist mainly of the occasional wines when we are dining outside and the Choya at night because I need to be able to hear her request for night feeds from earlier days (Yes Luis, if you are reading this, it is this sad now! LOL)

2) I try to take care of myself (Vit C immediately when I feel like I caught a bug so that I do not pass it to Dumpling)

3) My shopping sprees made way for Dumpling's classes and clothes

4) Salon trips became less frequent and I have traded salons in towns for those closer to home just so I save on travelling time

5) Entertainment now equates to productions such as Gruffalo, The Owl who is Afraid of the Dark

6) Definition of exercise has changed from daily power yoga classes to bringing the little one (and running with her / after her) at Fidgets / Port of Lost Wonder where my muscles groan the next day

But there are loads of good moments and accomplishments too and here's my top 3!

1) Became a mum and falling in love many many times over with Dumpling 

2) Acquired new skills - baby signing, got my diving licence and MOST IMPORTANTLY, the art of falling back to sleep after waking up for night feeds / night potty training, etc.

3) Started back on driving after having my licence and not driving for more than 9 years! 

So I thought that it would be good to list down what are the things I want to accomplish for the next year:

1) Pick up a new instrument (yes, at the ripe old age of 3X, I want to pick up something new)

2) Tone up - find some time to exercise

3) Head off for a holiday to just chill (in the works)

4) Head off for ANOTHER holiday (still thinking about it, LOL)

5) Just taking some time to rest - I see morning swims, massages and hair appointments at salons in the horizon!

6) Spend more time with Dumpling

7) Be a cool mum 

8) Continue to work on my Chinese

9) Worry less

10) Laugh more 

So far, I love being in my 30s. I am certainly more confident and comfortable in my own skin where I am not too "young" to mind what others say and not too "old" to not embrace fun moments of bursting into songs and skipping through malls with Dumpling. :) 

So, here's a Happy Birthday to me in advance and with some more years before I hit the 40s, I leave you with one of my favorite quotes from SATC (yes I watched it, yes, I even enjoyed some parts of the chick flick series)

Oh Louise enjoy yourself that's what your 20's are for, your 30s are to learn the lessons your 40s are to pay for the drinks!


  1. Thank you Angie! I had a BIG weekend! :) Will blog and share soon!


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