Thursday, September 6, 2012

I am a proud mama :)

My helper has been away for home leave for a week and I have been slowly easing into a new routine trying to juggle everything from cooking (all meals) to cleaning, to handwashing Dumpling's clothes (am anal I know) to homeschooling. It has been a tiring week but I am happy to say that we are doing well.

Being an only child, I am very mindful of the privileges Dumpling has - all our free time with her, being able to bring her to plays and performances regularly and to bookshelves full of new books (termed Project #4 - major cleanup). 

The gramps of course dote on her dearly and there is not one trip that they would return empty handed without getting books / souvenirs / snacks, etc., for her (latest loot bag was filled with Disneyland's memorabilia and 2 bottles of her favorite Furikake).  

So for the entire week, I have been introducing more and more quiet time for Dumpling and explaining to her that I have chores to do and meals to prepare. For the first two days, she was whiny and needy, always constantly calling out for me.

But surprisingly, when it came to Day 3, she was getting used to it and would sit on her own to attempt puzzles / read new titles which we borrowed from the library.

More than that, when she saw that I was truly busy and asked me "Mama, what are you doing? Can I help?"

Wow, that was music to my ears!

Day 3: my little "ah-sum" helping me with vacuuming

Day 4: while I was busy chopping and washing vegetables, Dumpling helped me with scooping and washing of rice

Day 4: (above 2 pictures) Helping me out with our fresh laundry

Initially, she did not understand why I was so busy ALL THE TIME and even promptly asked me why I needed to do all the chores. Why not wait till "Kakak" is back. :) I was certainly not surprised with the questions as I have a helper before she was born and so, Dumpling grew up with our helper attending to her since birth.

For me, over this past week, it has been indeed a good 'break' (Ha, if you can even call it that!). Though I am not able to give Dumpling dedicated attention all the time, I believe that we did spend a lot of quality time together. Importantly, I am glad Dumpling has this chance to help out in all these things.

On a weekly basis, it has always been my habit to reflect as a parent on things which have happened for the entire week - incidents when I lost my cool and incidents when I feel that I could have done better. I also often reflect and think through Dumpling's activities for the week (which we sometimes would chat on) - what we enjoyed most and what she enjoyed least and why.

For this week, I am very glad to say that I am a PROUD MAMA. My little Dumpling has hugged me for the past few nights to thank me "for being a good mama and for all the nice yummy meals" I made. When I was frustrated with myself for being slow with the chores, Dumpling actually walked over calmly and hugged me and in her words, "It is ok mama. You can do it again." :)

My Dumpling has matured. Despite that she does throw tantrums once in a while, she is showing signs that she is turning into a young sensible lady. For that, I am very very thankful.  *misty-eyed smiles*

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  1. she is so cute! I love the last photo of her. Like so pro in folding clothes! Well done mummy!! :)

  2. Oh wow! What an adorable girl! I can't wait for my boys to help me with the housework! Hahaha...

  3. It's quite something when the kids are the ones comforting us, isn't it? Our babies are growing up!!!

  4. Adeline:
    LOL, v funny right? She even as the "sei". :p

  5. Sandra:
    You will have 2 helpers while I only have 1!

  6. Pam: Yes they are growing and the funny thing is that I still call her my baby! :p


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